Battling Emotions and the Elements


The Big Break V - HawaiiLast week the stars came out ' as in LPGA Tour stars Lori Kane and Beth Bauer. This week, however, cold hard cash and mega prizes would rule the day. With some wild Hawaiian weather thrown in for good measure.
The seven remaining contestants gathered with co-hosts Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks early in the morning, just a sand wedge away from the famous North Shore surf on Oahu, for their briefing on what the day had in store.
They got things started with a Mulligan Challenge where the winner would receive a $2,000 gift certificate from Golfsmith. Aussie Dana Lacey put herself in position to win it outright before choosing Kristina Tucker as the one who she wanted to face in a head-to-head chip off. Bad choice as Tucker edged Lacey by a couple of feet to keep the Mulligan out of Laceys hands.
The Big Break V
The ladies try to take cover from a sudden rain storm on the North Shore of Oahu.
It was now on to the Immunity Challenge, where the stakes were raised, the weather started whipping up and a giant carrot ' make that a car ' was dangled in front of both Lacey and Julie Wells. As explained on the first show, the first person to win three Immunity Challenges would walk away with a brand new Chrysler Crossfire Roadster. Lacey and Wells had up until this point each won twice.
The challenge itself had several twists. The players each were to hit from two distances ' 105-yards and 115-yards. The players had up to three attempts to hit a shot into a circle painted on the green. The player with the fewest attempts after both distances would win the immunity. Twist No.1: after each failed attempt, they would have to change clubs. Twist No. 2: an orange circle was painted inside the main circle at a distance of 7 11 around the cup. Co-host Stephanie then informed the contestants that if someone hit inside that bonus circle, 7-11 stores would award them $5,000 cash.
Rising to the challenge was Lacey, who stuffed her first shot into the circle, although not the 7-11 Bonus Circle. She was joined by Kristina Tucker who also made it in on her first attempt. Not one of the remaining five players could find the zone. It now looked to be a two-person race between Lacey and Tucker.
Moving back to the 115-yard shot, Jeanne Cho busted out in a big way as she dialed in her second attempt to within 8 inches of the cup. Although she could not win the immunity, she was due to collect $5,000.
She wasnt immune but she did come back with $5,000 from 7-11. That was incredible to watch and we were all excited. We all said that shes got to take us out for slurpees, joked Kim Lewellen.
Lacey and Tucker came up clutch again as they each nailed their 115-yard shot on the first attempt and would head into a playoff to determine the winner. For Lacey, the sports car was suddenly well within reach, not to mention the all-important immunity.
Tucker fired first but came up short. Her second effort did find the target but it opened the door for Lacey.
I stood up there and was feeling a little nervous so I backed off, said Lacey. I stood there for a while and then Im like, You can do this. Youre in Hawaii having one of the best experiences of your life ' you can do this!
Indeed she could, her first effort landed safely in the zone to win not only the immunity, but also the sporty Chrysler Crossfire.
It was nuts, absolutely crazy. I was crying, I was emotional, I was happy, I was just ecstatic, recalled Lacey. Absolute dream come true. No matter what happens, I will never, ever, ever experience anything like this.
As high as Lacey was, reality sunk in for the other six ladies as they headed toward the Elimination Challenge.
Each player would take two shots from three different bunkers. Circles painted around the pin designated scoring zones and were worth 5, 3, 2, and 1 point(s) ' the closer to the pin registering the higher point total. The contestant with the lowest point total after the three rounds would be eliminated.
Weve got the toughest challenge that we have had yet. We all went in there very nervous, said Lewellen about the rising levels of anxiety.
The nerves clearly showed as Lewellen, Ashley Prange, Tucker and Becky Lucidi all came away with zero points after the first set of shots. Julie Wells led the way with 5 points while Cho was in second with 2 points.
The Big Break V
Former U.S. Amateur champ Becky Lucidi became the fifth player to exit the show.
The second series was again tough on Lucidi as she came up short on both of her shots and now sat scoreless through two rounds. Prange didnt fare much better but did get on the board with one point, as did Tucker (3 points) and Lewellen (4 points). Cho came up empty and remained at 2 points.
Down to the last series of bunker shots, Wells played her way onto the next show by reaching 11 total points, more than last-place Lucidi could possibly make up. Lewellen followed and reached 9 points, then Tucker with 8 and Cho in with 7 points. Big numbers were needed by Prange and Lucidi to avoid elimination.
Prange stepped into the bunker and knocked down a 3 pointer and backed it up with a 2 pointer for a total of 6 points.
Not so much disappointed but nervous, because now Im just sitting there going, Oh no, here comes the waiting game, said Prange as she stood back to watch Lucidi. You get to watch a shot that could send you off the show. Not fun.
It was now down to Lucidi, who needed 6 to tie and 7 to oust Prange and move on. Her first attempt flew over the flagstick yet stayed on the green but only for 1 point. An almost perfect bunker shot was needed to stay alive.
I was really trying to get myself in to my little zone. Trying to focus on what I had to do, recalled Lucidi.
Lucidi then hit a clutch sand shot that quickly got on the green and rolled past the 2 point zone, into the 3 point zone and towards the 5 point area. Cast and crew waited anxiously for the measurement. The ball was ruled just shy of a 5 pointer and Lucidi was denied a chance at a playoff and became the fifth contestant to exit the show.
When you have something like your dream that youre chasing and all of a sudden, you know, maybe thats not in your path anymore, thats when your true emotions come out, said the departing former U.S. Amateur champion Lucidi.
It sucked. It really did. Because shes just the life of the party and she gets everything started, said Lacey about her friend having to leave the show.
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