Chicago Is BuyCom Kind Of Town


The BUY.COM Tour finds itself visiting Chicago for the first time this week at the inaugral LaSalle Bank Open.
The Second City will play host to the Second Tour at Kemper Lakes Golf Course, and is the forth new event on the tour for the 2002 schedule.
But there is nothing second in terms of importance of the tournament to the players. They'll be jockeying for position on the money list from here on out, as the tour makes the turn for the backstretch of the season.
With a top-15 finish on the money list, players are given the invaluable entrance to the PGA Tour for the 2003 season. So here's a quick look at the top-30 on the list as they make their way towards the finish line:

This 72-hole event will feature 156 players competing for a purse of $425,000, with $76,500 going to the winner. Players finishing second through 10th will recieve the following in prize money:
2nd - $45,900
3rd - $28,900
4th - $20,400
5th - $17,000
6th - $15,300
7th - $14,238
8th - $13,175
9th - $12,325
10th - $11,475
There's no new returning champion, this being the inaugral event, so there's added perks for this year's champion. For one, he'll find that his name will be the only one on the trophy, and, of course, will own the all-time tournament record. And most importantly, if a win helps springboard him to the PGA, he'll no longer feel like a second class player in a second class event.
But he'll no doubt always have a love for The Second City.