Crunch Time and More Weight Loss


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeAs week seven rolled around in the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge, the Fab Five began to realize that crunch time was upon them. Several of the participants were making final visits with their personal swing coaches to get some last minute advice and words of encouragement.

Disc jockey Ken Dashow, in particular, was starting to feel the changes come together and the results were beginning to show not only in the shape of many of his shots but also in his growing confidence.

'To finally have a swing where I know Im going, sit here balanced and swing the same way every time, said the obviously enthused Ken. Thats a gift that Natural Golf gave me that no other swing gives me.

(But) the biggest difference, a night and day difference, has been the short game. When I use to get up near the green, I went up there with just a wedge and a putter. Now, suddenly, I really have a plan.

Makeover Challenge - Ralph SanzeriLikewise, San Jose police officer Ralph was seeing drastic improvement in not only his game but also in his physical appearance. Having already lost a whopping 20 lbs. under the tutelage of fitness guru Kelly Blackburn, Ralph was just as happy from the changes he was making and the results he was beginning to see off the tee.

Its been a big turn around since six weeks ago, commented Ralph in somewhat of an understatement.

Another area that Ralph finally got some much needed help was with fashion guru Marty Hackel, who this week raided Ralphs closet and began to weed out the countless array aloha shirts. The two eventually made their way to a local golf shop where Marty picked out some snappy outfits that turned Ralph from looking like a hacker and into a player, much to the delight of Ralphs wife.

Next week, the Fab Five will reunite at the Reunion Golf Resort just outside of Orlando to begin the final stages of the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
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