Deja Vu Hits Hawaii


The Big Break V - HawaiiThe eighth episode of 'The Big Break V: Hawaii' started off with one of the biggest twists in Big Break history when the exhausted five remaining ladies were told that they would have the day off.
But not because the shows producers felt sorry for them and thought they needed rest. The day off was scheduled to allow the six contestants who had already been eliminated one last shot to play their way back onto the show. An idea that was met with completely different attitudes.
It was a big shock to us that one of them will be brought back to the show, said Jeanne Cho, who was one of the five players that were still standing.
The Big Break V
Former U.S. Amateur champion Becky Lucidi was one of six ladies brought back to try and play their way back onto the show.
OK, were adding somebody on, one more person that I have to beat to be the Big Break champion. So, it was bittersweet. It was exciting, but bittersweet, reiterated Julie Wells.
Im absolutely pumped. This is obviously the Big Break and this is the biggest mulligan I have ever received, countered Becky Lucidi, who had originally been eliminated in episode six. This is another chance and Im taking it.
With that, the six ladies who were being given a second chance quickly got to work to see who could capitalize on this rare opportunity of playing their way back in.
Normally, it would take an entire show to eliminate just one person, but for this episode, five ladies would again be getting the boot ' and in rapid succession.
The first challenge had the ladies trying to hit a tee shot to a narrow landing zone in the fairway from 190-yards out, with the player needing the most attempts becoming the first casualty on the Play Back show.
Under a light Hawaiian rain, Divina Delasin, who had been struggling with a leg injury, still couldnt get her rhythm quite right and needed four attempts to find the target. Unfortunately for her, there would be no more time to find her groove as the other five were able to find the landing zone in three strokes or better.
One down four to go.
Next up was a greenside bunker challenge, with the three players who could knock it closest to the pin moving on. The two who landed furthest away would play a sudden death shot from the same spot in the bunker. Kristina Tucker, Katie Ruhe and Nikki DiSanto came out of the first series safe which left Lucidi and Jo D. Duncan in a one shot showdown. It was over quickly, however, as Duncan bladed her shot over the green.
Four ladies remained.
The purpose of being here is to compete and Im disappointed in my performance. But Im thrilled I got a second chance to compete again, said the departing Duncan, who was the first player originally eliminated.
Faced with a 75-yard wedge, the third challenge had the girls trying to hit into a 15-foot circle painted around the flagstick. Lucidi fired first and needed three shots to find the target, a score she was somewhat happy with due to the Hawaiian winds that had crept onto the course. Tucker went second and hit the zone on her second shot. Ruhe followed and missed on her first two attempts then hit one of the best shots in Big Break history ' she jarred her third shot. Straight into the cup.
I was really excited. My mind just went blank, said Ruhe on her dunk shot. I was like Did that really happen? It was definitely one of the highlights of the game so far.
DiSanto now needed to hit the target in two shots or less to move on. But she couldnt follow Ruhes heroics and missed her first three attempts and was eliminated.
Just three remained.
Co-hosts Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks then led the final three contestants to the 17th green on the Palmer Course at the Turtle Bay Resort. Each player would start approximately 2 feet from the hole and have to try and make one putt after another ' moving back a foot after each make. The two players who could make the most in a row would move on to the finals of the Play Back show.
The Big Break V
Becky Lucidi outlasted Katie Ruhe to win the Play Back Challenge.
Tucker went first and quickly made her first three efforts but watched her fourth putt roll left. Lucidi was up next and calmly rolled in four straight to earn a spot in the final twosome. Ruhe, using the momentum from the previous challenge, also drained her first four to set up one final showdown to see who would get the coveted second chance on the Big Break V: Hawaii.
The final challenge was simple - the two contestants play the par-5 18th, low score wins the Play Back Challenge and gets back onto the show.
I know shes gonna want to beat me as badly as I want to beat her, so its a mutual understanding that we both have, said Lucidi.
Both competitors were safe off the tee box, although each found the light rough. After laying up with their second shots, they both had delicate pitches from around 50-60 yards. Lucidi fired first and landed her approach 18 feet below the hole. Ruhes attempt came up just a few inches short of the green in the rough.
First to play, Ruhe hit a great chip that had eyes for the hole, but at the last second it veered ever so slightly to the right and she would settle for a par. It was now in Lucidis hands ' 18 feet with a little left to right break. She would later say she put a good stroke on it and the result bears her out ' she ran home the birdie to beat Ruhe and move back into the Big Break V fold.
It feels nice to win with a birdie. And I felt like I actually won that and that it wasnt, you know, handed to me, said Lucidi. It was a good feeling. I havent felt like that for awhile.
The Big Break V: Hawaii airs each Tuesday at 9 p.m. (ET), while Big Break V: All Access airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET), as part of the networks Top Shelf Wednesday lineup of premium programming.
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