Final Four Berth on the Line


The Big Break V - HawaiiThrough nine episodes on the Big BreakV: Hawaii, there have been spectacular shots, car giveaways, the appearance of LPGA Tour stars and Becky Lucidis return to the show after the biggest twist in Big Break history ' the Play Back Challenge.
But this week came crunch time and a possible berth into the final four.
But not before the ladies had to clear a giant hurdle right out of the gate.
The Big Break V
The 10-foot high wall made its return to The Big Break series.
When I saw the wall I went, Oh good god this is going to be interesting, said Julie Wells about the opening Mulligan Challenge.
Stationed right in front of a green was a 10-foot high wall that the five remaining contestants would have to hit a flop shot over and onto a green with scoring zones painted on the surface. Closer to the hole meant more points. The player with the most points after three attempts would win the mulligan and a $5,000 golf package from Golfsmith.
Kim Lewellen got off to a hot start by almost holing her flop shot and led the way with five points after the first round. Wells was second with three points, followed by Ashley Prange and Jeanne Cho with a point a piece. Lucidi was shutout.
The second round was more of the same from Lewellen, who actually closed out the challenge with yet another five point shot. Her 10 point total was more that anyone could pass even if the scheduled third round were to be completed.
Id won. I was excited. I mean thats incredible, said Lewellen on her dominating win and the gift from Golfsmith. I just pulled off a shot that Im very good at and that always gives you confidence and is very encouraging.
It was now on to the Immunity Challenge where an old schoolyard basketball game would be turned into a golfing version. The classic H-O-R-S-E game, where a player has to try and match another player ' shot for shot ' with the loser getting a letter. In this version the game would be played as B-R-E-A-K. The five ladies would get to choose a spot on the course where they would attempt a shot. From each of the five spots the player closest to the hole would not gain a letter but the other four would get one. And a twist: the player closest to the hole also could pick a player to which she would add yet another letter on to their score.
Rd. 1 ' Wells choice ' pitch shot over a bunker:
Wells makes the perfect call as her attempt nestles up to within inches of the cup. No one comes close to beating her effort and, with the other four collecting a B Wells chooses Prange to get the additional letter. Prange is thus quickly saddled with a B-R.
I knew Julie was going to give them to me. I knew that was going to come in a heartbeat, said Prange on her and Wells growing rivalry.
Rd. 2 ' Lewellens choice ' 68-yard wedge shot:
Asked why she chose this particular shot, Lewellen stated that she thought that Wells might have trouble with it. Wrong answer. The choice backfired as Wells was again on the mark, her wedge settling up a few feet from the cup. And again, Prange was on the receiving end of the extra letter, giving her B-R-E-A for the game. Wells was without a letter and the other three had B-R.
Rd. 3 - Pranges choice ' long, greenside bunker shot:
At this point is was clear that the Immunity Challenge had turned into the Julie Wells Show as she almost holed her blast from the bunker. Prange picked up her final letter and was the first to be sent into the Elimination Challenge. Wells was still without a letter and chose to give her extra letter this time to Cho, who was now suddenly left with B-R-E-A.
I was so frustrated. I was like, What is she doing to me? said a slightly bemused Cho.
Rd. 4 ' Lucidis choice ' 96-yards from the fairway:
Lucidi set the tone with her first attempt and watched as no one could top her mark. That sent Cho into the elimination round with Prange and gave Wells her first letter. Lucidi then had to decide what to do with her extra letter ' send Lewellen off into the elimination round or to give to Wells. You know my parents taught me to share when I was a kid, so Im going to have to share it with Julie, said Lucidi amid laughter from the group. Lewellen B-R-E-A; Lucidi B-R-E; Wells B-R.
Rd. 5 ' Wells choice ' pitch shot over a bunker:
Reminiscent of her opening choice in the Immunity Challenge, Wells went back to what worked the first time ' and for good reason. Another almost perfect effort ' to within a foot of the hole ' gave Wells the victory and the immunity while sending Lewellen and Lucidi (due to the extra letter Wells had to give away) into the Elimination Challenge.
I wont say it was all luck because I hit three pretty good shots, recalled the relieved Wells.
Prange, Cho, Lucidi and Lewellen gathered together for the Elimination Challenge where they would each hit three shots from three different locations with a scoring grid was painted on the green. The person earning the most points after two rounds would be safe while the contestant with the least amount of points after the third round would be eliminated.
I was little bit nervous today. I mean it came down to just the four of us fighting for survival, said Cho.
Starting from a waste area 70-yards out, Lewellen got off to a hot start, totaling 9 points after the first location. Prange scored 6 points followed by Lucidi with 4 and Cho with 3.
The second distance was from a downhill, sidehill lie from 126-yards.
It was a difficult lie and the wind was a big factor, sized up Cho. Distance control was going to be key.
Cho apparently knew something, as she scored the maximum amount of points from the second location and in the process moved from last and into second place behind Lewellen, who also had a solid performance. Lewellen actually was safe from elimination, as she was the leader after round 2. With one last location to shoot from, Cho led the way with15 points followed by Prange with 13 and Lucidi 11.
The Big Break V
For Lucidi, it was the second time she had to leave the show.
Three ladies, three final shots. One person heading off the show.
Cho established the mark at 20 overall points but was then topped by an outstanding final effort by Prange that got her to 21 points. Lucidi needed 9 points to tie and 10 to stay in paradise. With a 2-pointer on her first shot, Lucidi was faced with having to produce two clutch shots.
There is so much on the line and so much to be giving and earned by succeeding in this competition, said Lucidi. I knew I was capable of the shot, I knew I could pull it off.
Belief is one thing, producing when needed is another. Lucidi came up short on her second attempt. For the second time Lucidi was eliminated.
It was sad to see her leave but she cant complain because she had a second chance, said Cho, alluding to the fact that Lucidi won the Play back Challenge and allowed her back on the show.
Ive got to work on doing my best more often. And if you can do that there are no regrets, said the departing Lucidi.
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