Halfway Point in Hawaii


The Big Break V - HawaiiAs the ladies gathered with co-hosts Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks following an early morning breakfast, they knew that by the end of the day that half of the original Big Break V: Hawaii contestants will have been eliminated from the show.
What had once been 11 would soon be down to the final five ladies but not before an opening Mulligan Challenge, an Immunity Challenge and ultimately, of course, the nerve-racking Elimination Challenge.
Seeking to gain the mulligan, the ladies would have to hit between and under a massive red wall erected between the teeing area and a green some 100-yards away. With scoring zones painted on the green, each player would get one shot in each of three rounds. The player scoring the most points would win the mulligan.
The Big Break V
The competitors had to try and guide their approach shots through a small opening in the massive red wall during the Mulligan Challenge.
Dana Lacey, last weeks winner of the Chrysler Crossfire, again started strong leading the way after the first round with 3 points. She maintained her advantage through Round 2 but several of the other contestants had narrowed the gap.
In the final round, Laceys attempt smashed into the wall while Kristina Tucker was able to guide one through the narrow gap and onto the green to collect 3 points for an overall total of 4 points and the win.
It was now on to the Immunity Challenge where the six ladies would try and hit three tee shots into a designated landing area in the fairway. The number of balls that they land in that area will be the same amount of attempts they will then have to hit into the green, where a series of scoring circles were painted around the cup.
When youre nervous, the best shot you can have is going ahead and hitting a driver because you can just full out let it go, said Ashley Prange.
Each player took turns from the tee box and Jeanne Cho, Prange, and Julie Wells connected all three of their drives into the fairway grid. Tucker and Lacey found the grid with two shots and Kim Lewellen unfortunately only finished with one in the zone.
Hitting approach shots to the green from the same spot as where their tee shots landed, Tucker fired first and totaled 3 points from her two eligible spots. Lewellen was next up and came away empty following her one and only attempt. Cho, who had three shots at the green, was disappointed after closing out with just two points.
I cannot believe I just did this. I was one of the only few players who had three attempts and I didnt even take advantage of them, said Cho. So at that point I had already no chance of winning the immunity and I didnt forgive myself.
Lacey then matched Tucker with 3 points from her two shots and the pair at that point waited for Prange and Wells to found out the outcome. Prange tallied 2 points on her first shot and then notched a point apiece on her next two attempts to grab the lead with 4 total. Wells matched Prange with a 2-pointer, then gained another point on her second try, only to ultimately come up short as her last attempt rolled just inches out of the scoring zone.
Shocked. I thought it was on from where we were, said Prange of where Wells ball finished up, which in turn gave Prange victory in the Immunity Challenge.
Co-hosts Sparks and Cellini then led the five remaining ladies into the Elimination Challenge. From two separate locations ' (1) from just 72-yards out although with a large tree fronting the green and (2) from 178-yards out and over water - the contestants would each play a shot towards the green and then have to putt out the hole. The player with the highest score after both locations would be sent packing.
After what happened in the Immunity Challenge, where I made mistakes with my course management and my decision making ' I was like, you know Im going to learn from what I just did and instead of being real mad about it Im going to take advantage and do better, said Cho as she led off the Elimination Challenge.
Cho avoided the tree and found the green as did Wells, Lacey and Lewellen. Tucker put herself behind the 8-ball early by knocking her approach into a greenside bunker.
The Big Break V
Kristina Tucker tries to fight back the tears after being eliminated.
Everybody took a nice breath of air when she went into the bunker, said Wells after Tuckers mistake.
Tucker then played her shot out of the bunker but came up well short of the cup, leaving herself a lengthy putt for a 3. She did indeed miss her subsequent putt and walked off with a 4. The other four who found the green managed to easily two-putt and headed for the second location with a stroke advantage over Tucker.
With her one stroke edge over Tucker and being a 178-yard shot over water, Cho decided to play safe with her first shot and laid up left of the green to avoid making a big number. Wells followed but chose against that strategy.
I had no intention of going left. If Im going to go out, if Im going to be eliminated in this challenge, Im going to step up there, be aggressive. And if I dont hit the shot, I can at least say I just didnt pull off the shot, said Wells on the daunting task of hitting over the pond.
Wells did make it over but found the back bunker. Lewellen was up third and chose Chos route and laid up to the left. Lacey then, feeling like she was up to the task, hit a long iron over the water but had to watch as it came up short and found a watery grave. That opened the door for Tucker, but she couldnt capitalize as she, too, found the water.
After both took drops, Lacey and Tucker had wedges to the pin. Lacey stuck her approach to within 6 feet of the flag.
Dana hit a great shot and it definitely put a lot of pressure on me, recalled Tucker.
Tucker now needed to make an up-an-down and hope for a Lacey miss. Her attempt was again well short, coming to rest some 30-feet away from the pin. After Wells, Cho and Lewellen putted out and played their way on to the next show, it was now to Lacey and Tucker.
I knew I still had a small chance so I was just trying to give it my best, said Tucker on her long putt.
She however, blew her putt well past the hole and even though she made the comebacker, Lacey was able to easily two-putt from 6 feet and send Tucker off the show.
Of course I wanted to win but I also really wanted to practice under pressure and I definitely got to hit a lot of shots under pressure, said Tucker about the show and the nerves it brings to the surface. I learned so much about myself.
The Big Break V: Hawaii airs each Tuesday at 9 p.m. (ET), while Big Break V: All Access airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET), as part of the networks Top Shelf Wednesday lineup of premium programming.
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