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The Big Break V - HawaiiWith the final 10 players being cut in half from the last shows Immunity Challenges, the remaining five players now had to face each other to decide who was going to be the second player kicked off the island.
All of a sudden, there were only five people left and I got really nervous, recalled Kristina Tucker, one of the unfortunate ones to not win an exemption on the last show.
Youre so nervous to hit your shots and you may not like that nervous feeling, but at the same time its pretty cool, said former U.S. Amateur champion Becky Lucidi on the growing pressure of trying to stay alive.
The Big Break V
Kristina Tucker watches her shot during the first part of the Elimination Challenge.
Part I of the Elimination Challenge asked the contestants to hit two shots from two different locations situated around the 6th green of the Fazio Course at the Turtle Bay Resort. The first spot was a chip shot from 10 yards off the green and the second from a greenside bunker. The closer the player got to the hole the more points were earned, with the person with the highest accumulative score after four shots winning immunity.
Ashley Prange from Noblesville, In., started things off and got dialed in rather quickly by posting a pair of 7s to set the pace for the rest of her competitors.
I felt really good after that, said Prange on her good start. OK, Im on my way. Im half way there, pretty much wrapping this one up.
Lucidi and Nikki DiSanto followed and tallied 7 and 1 points respectively, the latter claiming a sudden shoulder injury caused her to be limited in her focus and execution.
Kim Lewellen batted fourth and was able to top Prange with a score of 15 to take the lead but was soon thereafter tied by Tucker who also got off to a great start of her own.
On to the bunker they went and DiSanto and Lucidi quickly bowed out by not earning enough points to pass the leaders. Prange then settled into the bunker and recorded two 3-pointers to set the new mark with 20 overall points. Lewellen was again fourth and scored 2 on her first effort but the left her second shot in the fringe between the bunker and the green.
That left Tucker with the only chance to top Prange and win the exemption. Needing five to tie and six to win, Tucker wasted little time in advancing to the next show as she hit her bunker shot stiff to collect 10 points and the victory.
Next up, the four remaining players headed off to a putting challenge to see who would win the second exemption. Each player would have one attempt from four different distances on the green, again with point values associated to each spot. The player racking up the most points moves on to the next show.
When I heard it was putting I was quite leery, said Prange about the challenge. Putting by far was my worst statistic this whole summer.
Lucidi putted first from a distance of 3 feet and rolled in her effort. Prange, Lewellen and DiSanto followed and all knocked in their putts to keep things even.
From the second spot, DiSanto and Lewellen mis-fired while Lucidi and Prange were able to connect on their putts to take the early lead with 3 points. At the third location, Lewellen managed to drop one in, but once again Prange also found the bottom of the cup for her third straight make and the outright lead as they headed to the final location.
Lucidi ratcheted up the pressure on the red hot Prange by making her attempt which gave her a one point advantage. The lead was brief however, as Prange stayed perfect in the putting challenge by rolling her rock into the cup for the fourth consecutive time to win the exemption.
Great, I get to move onto the next show, but for me to be able to do it with that particular skills challenge was extremely rewarding for me personally, said the relived Prange.
And then there were three.
Co-hosts Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks gathered the final threesome around the 12th hole and informed them that each player could chose to hit from one of five separate distances from off the green ' 95-yards out, 50-yards out, a bunker shot, a flop shot or a chip shot from the rough. From each of the three chosen locations, the players would have to play their ball until they holed out and the contestant with the highest number of strokes would finally be eliminated.
Lewellen was first up and settled on the 95-yard shot from the fairway. Her approach found the green, coming to rest short and to the left of the flagstick. DiSanto and Lucidi also found the green although they were a considerable distance away from the pin. DiSanto hit her putt from some 50-feet away and watched as it rolled past the hole on the low side, leaving her with a tough comebacker from 5 feet. Lucidi and Lewellen both put their putts within tap in range and each came away with 3s. DiSanto then lipped out her effort and quickly found herself a shot back.
At his second location, DiSanto went with the 50-yard shot form the fairway and needed something big to get back into the thick of things.
Gosh, I wish I could just hole this, I mean that would be fantastic, said DiSanto in a bit of wishful thinking.
The Big Break V
Nikki DiSanto was the second lady removed from the show and takes the lonely walk off the course.
She hit her shot, however, a little thin and it flew past the pin but did manage to remain on the green. Lucidi fired second and had to watch in frustration as her wedge shot actually hit the flagstick only to spin back almost off the green.
She got screwed, said Prange on Lucidis unfortunate result.
Lewellen then stepped up and hit her approach stiff, to within 3 feet of the cup to set up an easy 2. Lucidi subsequent putt to the hole cozied up to within a foot for a tap in 3. DiSanto, possibly still rattled from her putt at the last hole, again blew her first attempt well past the hole. Needing to knock in a tough 8 footer to realistically stay alive, DiSanto drilled the putt and headed to the final hole just one back of Lucidi and two back of Lewellen.
Lucidi, sensing a weakness in DiSantos game, chose the bunker shot to close out the show.
I was trying to strategize to play toward Nikki who was obviously ' in my opinion ' the weakest player of us three, said Lucidi. I was playing more toward her weaknesses.
Both Lucidi and Lewellen got out of the bunker with ease although each were about 12 feet short of the hole. The pressure was now firmly on DiSanto as she would probably need to get up-and-down to force a playoff. Her attempt came out way left of the hole, leaving her a tricky downhill, left to right breaker. Stating that she needed to be aggressive with her putt to stave off elimination, DiSanto missed on the high side and soon realized she had been eliminated from the Big Break V: Hawaii.
I was really frustrated and there was nothing that I could do, said the departing aspiring model and actress from California. And I felt like, I just felt frustrated.
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