Ladies Try to Get Over the Wall


The Big Break IIIEditors note: The Golf Channels Big Break III ' Ladies Only is the third installment of this hit series. As the title suggests, however, this season is just for the ladies. The 10 contestants are vying for entry into select LPGA tournaments, including the Michelob ULTRA Open at Kingsmill.
After the group had been cut down to seven, the ladies retreated to their condo to let off a little steam, enjoy a good, ol fashioned barbeque and get mentally ready for what twist might be thrown at them next.
Big Break III
The infamous Big Break wall had the ladies trying to take their games to new heights.
We had hotdogs flying through the air and hamburgers being flipped four feet into the air. Im surprised we actually salvaged enough to eat, recalled Danielle Amiee, on the previous evenings buffoonery, before reconvening the next morning for the Mulligan Challenge.
In what co-host Vince Cellini described as taking their game to new heights, the Mulligan Challenge had the women attempt flop shots over an imposing 10-foot high wall that had been erected just a few paces from a green. The top-5 players who hit their shots closest to the pin would move into the semi-finals, followed by the top 3 into the finals where a winner would be decided.
You couldnt see anything on the other side, so youre kinda trying to measure where the pin is going to be. I mean, you looked up and all you could see was wall, said Sarah Sasse, who got off to a rough start by blading her shot halfway up into the wall.
After two rounds of attempts, the three left standing were last weeks sudden-death Elimination Challenge winner Jan Dowling, along with Cindy Miller and Pam Crikelair.
At this point the wall had been raised several feet and the line had been moved closer to the wall.
When they added the second wall it got a little more intimidating. I just opened up my blade a little bit more, opened up my stance a little bit more and just got really aggressive with it, said Dowling, whose final attempt landed within two feet of the cup - good enough to win the mulligan.
With the short game test out of the way, it was time for the ladies to bring out the big sticks as the Skills Challenge was going to test the long ball.
A grid was painted down the fairway from the tee box and points were to be awarded on the distance each player could achieve. Bonus points were then given to those who could land their ball in the narrow middle zone for accuracy. Each player was to hit three successive tee shots, followed by a tallying of the scores, and then one final shot.
I put myself in that first tee position, Youre in a playoff for the U.S. Womens Open, this is critical. Put your drive in the fairway, said Liz Uthoff, who stepped it up with three long blasts down the pipe for a total of 13 points and put herself in good position for winning immunity from the Elimination Challenge.
Closest to Uthoff after the initial three attempts were Crikelair and Dowling, both of whom needed a big final bomb if they wanted to challenge for the immunity. Both, however, came up short and Uthoff was guaranteed to see another day.
After having so many stressful challenges, this was like, OK you get a day off, just relax, said a relieved Uthoff.
Big Break III
After hitting into a pond, Sarah Sasse was forced to take a costly drop.
It was now time for the Elimination Challenge where course management was to be key as well as trying to control the emotions of the situation.
Each player was asked to finish out a hole from two predetermined spots. One, from 190 yards away from the pin in the right fairway rough, with a pond guarding the green in front. The second from 50 yards off the green with several trees obstructing the flagstick. The contestant with the highest combined score from both positions would be eliminated.
Cindy Miller started things off and took dead aim at the green with a fairway wood, only to watch in agony as her approach was well short and heading into the drink. Then, much to her delight, the golf gods intervened and gave her a mini-Big Break as her ball skipped out of the water and safely onto dry land, just short of the green.
Luck helps. Every golfer gets some good luck, said Sasse about Millers fortunate turn.
Sasse herself, however, was not so lucky. Her approach also came out short and fell into the pond, which cost her a disastrous penalty stroke.
Her third shot found the greenside bunker and her subsequent effort barely made it out of the hazard. The resulting 7 left her a full three shots back of the nearest competitor as they headed to the second part if the challenge.
Only an opponent's complete collapse would keep Sasse in the ballgame.
I dont wish poorly on anyone, said Sasse positively of her dire situation. I dont hope somebody hits a bad shot so that Ill have another opportunity.
As it turned out, it indeed wasnt in the cards as her total of 10 strokes left her on the outside looking in and she was sent off the show, leaving just six.
Shes really, really hard on herself, remarked Miller about Sasses emotions on leaving the show. And I want to say, Sarah, you cant do that honey.
I know Im hard on myself and I think that its something that held me back in this competition, said the departing Sasse. Its disappointing but I dont deserve to go any further.
Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET when a conflict arises that causes friction amongst the ladies before the fifth contestant is ousted from the show.
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