Learning a New Swing


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeThe late, great Bob Hope once said, If you watch a game, its fun. Play it, its recreation. But if you work at it, its golf.

And that is exactly what the fab five had signed up for and exactly what they began doing in the second episode of the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.

After last weeks introduction in Orlando, the five participants headed back to their hometowns where they were paired up with their own personal instructors.

These personal swing gurus immediately began working on some of the basic fundamentals of the Natural Golf swing including the palm grip, the single plane set up, a wider stable stance and facing the ball at impact. Knowing not to get moving too fast, each instructor limited the golfers to half swings designed to reinforce the Natural Golf philosophy of keeping the clubface square throughout the impact zone.

It felt uncomfortable at first, but then after seeing that I needed to lose my tension and forget about the traditional style of golf it started feeling a little bit more natural, remarked Wild Bill the biker on his first lesson.

Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeFitness guru Kelly Blackburn also paid a visit to both Wild Bill and Ken the D.J. She offered exercises to each of the men that they could easily do at home that would help with not only a healthier overall lifestyle but also with stretches that would enhance their golf swings.

I actually never thought that there would be a fitness regiment involved with golf, but I can see were it would be very helpful to your game, remarked Bill after his meeting with Kelly.

I think Wild Bill is in a category all by himself, but all in all I think we have a great specimen that were starting to work with. Flames and all, replied Kelly about Wild Bills physique and the tattoos that cover most of his body.

Finally, Ralph the police officer and Wild Bill got the pleasure of attending the Office Depot Championship hosted by Amy Alcott and getting some words of encouragement by some of the LPGA Tours top stars.

I know you guys are obviously working hard and it sounds like you got a great team to help you. Ill be watching, said Beth Bauer, one of the young guns on the LPGA Tour.

The key is that we all play one shot at a time, offered Hall of Famer and the host of the tournament Amy Alcott.

So with the backing of some of the LPGAs best, next week the fab five will begin working on the full swing, plus fashion guru Marty Hackel will be making some visits and presenting some wardrobe changes to the group.
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