Let the Transformation Begin


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeDid you hear the joke about the cop, the biker, the marketing rep, the mother and the disc jockey? Well actually its no joke, but rather a group of five lucky golfers selected from 10s of thousands of applicants to take part in the eight week Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
Designed with the average golfer in mind, this fivesome is set to go through a complete and thorough golf makeover from swing instruction and fashion sense to motivation and a fitness regime. The hope - after eight weeks of scrutiny from experts in each field - that each golfer will feel better, look better, and most importantly, play better golf.
After learning of their selection to the show via videotape, the five participants were flown to Orlando, Fla., to begin the challenge. Though from different parts of the country and from varying backgrounds, they all share one common thread ' a passion for the game of golf.
Ed Woronicz and Summer Davidson-JonesNow, with the cameras rolling for the show, their games would be under the spotlight like never before.
I hosted a birthday concert in Central Park before a million people ' nothing to it. Sat and talked with Bruce Springsteen ' nothing to it. But Im gonna be filmed playing golf? Now thats something thats somewhat nerve-wracking, said disc jockey Ken Dashow from Brooklyn, N.Y.
Golf Channel host Vince Cellini met the players at the Reunion Golf Resort for a quick 18 holes to size up what each individual brought to the table, or better yet, what they didnt bring to the table.
Unbeknownst to the players, the shows four experts ' or gurus ' who were going to be along for the entire process were secretly disguised out on the course to keep a watchful eye on what they were up against.
Lou Holtz, head football coach at the University of South Carolina, was spotted driving the beverage cart and was on board as the motivational guru. He later was introduced to the group on a football field just outside of Orlando.
Lou Holtz? Incredible! Thats a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10, remarked Ralph Sanzeri, a police officer from San Jose, Calif., about the prospect of working with Holtz.
Kelly Blackburn, a physical trainer for several PGA Tour and Champions Tour players, was tapped as the fitness guru and met with the chosen five at a local health center. They were then put in contact with the fashion guru, Marty Hackel, fashion editor at Golf Digest.
And finally, the group was introduced to Ed Woronicz, Director of Golf operations and Instruction for the Natural Golf Corp. Woronicz first went over a few of the basic principles of the Natural Golf system including grip, stance and body position. But it was what he said could be achieved by following these principles that had one of the Fab Five more than excited.
Ed said to me, There are four basic things Im going to tell you and youre going to hit the ball perfectly every time, said Dashow. How can you argue with that? How can that ever be bad?
Finally, just when they thought the day was winding down, Cellini surprised the group with an announcement that they were being flown to Chicago not only to see the sights but also to tour the headquarters of Natural Golf and to receive their own custom set of golf clubs.
Not a bad ending to the start of the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
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