Lights Out for Another Big Break Contestant


Big Break II LogoEditors Note: The Golf Channel aired the sixth episode of The Big Break II Tuesday night, where 10 highly skilled golfers compete to win an opportunity to play in four Nationwide Tour events televised on The Golf Channel in 2005.

Episode sixs skills challenge had the players split into two groups of three with a three-hole, scramble-style format deciding which team would be exempt from the elimination challenge.

And as is becoming customary in each show, a little twist was thrown into the format. This time it was a blast from the past.

From out of the blue, three golf carts were spotted rolling up towards the players. Once they arrived, out stepped Garrett Garland, Randy Block and Jeff Brown ' three alumni from the original Big Break series. If they could manage to beat both teams, all six current contestants would have to go to the elimination portion of the show.

The Big Break IINever thought about Big Break 1 coming back. Big Randy, Jeff and Garrett. It was like, oohh here we go, this is going to be pretty cool, recalled David Gunas Jr. on the surprise visit.

We heard some rumors that they were talking some smack about how Big Break 1 guys couldnt play, said Block about the showdown. It was nice to come back here and defend our honor against the Big Break 2 guys.

And defend their honor they did, as the alumni forced a three-way playoff after three holes and then won the skills challenge outright on the first extra hole, sending every one of the slightly humbled Big Break II boys to the elimination challenge.

A little redemption. Big Break 1 beat the Big Break 2, boasted Garrett on the victory.

Next up, however, was the Top-Flite Mulligan Challenge where the contestants had to perform the highly unusual task of hitting tee shots to a green in the dead of night, aided only by moonlight.

By way of giant spotlights, the players were given a quick look at the green to try and get a bead on the target before co-host Rick Smith gave the signal to flip the light switch off. Each player got two attempts and the one who hit it closest to the pin would win the mulligan to be used in the upcoming elimination challenge.

The results were somewhat surprising as each player hit a shot that they would have been proud of even in normal daylight hours. Kip Henley topped them all, knocking his shot to an impressive 4 feet 5 inches.

The consistency was really good and that goes to show you the level of the players out here, said Mike Foster, Jr. It shows that the guys out here can really hit it.

In the elimination round the group was asked to hit shots from two separate greenside trouble spots ' one from behind a tree and the other from a waste area with a bunker in between them and the pin. The players had to hole out after each shot and the man with the highest total score from both attempts would be sent home.

Two tremendous shots. The one was pretty straightforward, except that you had to choose to either go left or right around the tree. If you play enough golf, you are going to find yourself in that situation, recalled elder statesman John Turk. My strategy was to make sure I didnt do anything dumb enough like hitting it long into the water or chunk it short. I basically was playing it very conservatively.

After doing their best scrambling to card a low score, both Foster and Henley finished a stroke back of the rest of the group, forcing a playoff to see who would be sent packing.

The Big Break IIThe selfish part of you that wants to win the Big Break 2, bottom line, is saying Oh my god, how lucky are we. We are getting rid of one phenomenal player right now, guaranteed, said Gunas Jr. on the playoff.

Foster quickly found a bunker, and although his shot out of the sand nestled some 5 feet from the pin, he was unable sink his putt to stave off elimination.

The group that started with 10 was now down to just five players and the departing Foster was philosophical about his exit.

Whats more important than anything is to be a good person, and I appreciate everybody having that feeling (about me), said Foster. But we all came here to compete and somebody had to lose, and we all knew that. I was just hoping it wouldnt be me until the very end.

Be sure to watch The Golf Channel every Tuesday at 9:00PM (ET), as the battle for survival intensifies on The Big Break 2.
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