Maverick Manufacturer on the Loose


PGA Merchandise Show LogoThey come from all over the world seeking truth through the eyes of a golf ball. Some are already well-oiled money-making machines who no longer seek just riches, but possible future domination.
Others are quite established and look to maintain their good fortune and good standing in the golfing community, walking the fine line between being slick and pushy and having no soul, to not appearing polished, well-organized and owning maybe a hint of swagger.
MAC Powersphere DriversStill others come knowing they are probably long-shots, hoping to possibly make a splash and in turn find their small niche in this wild, ultra-competitive business.
And then there are the mavericks.
They come in with a stampede of horses, guns-a-blazin' and flashing their shiny new weapons, hoping to scare up the town folk. At the very least , they try to muster up as much attention as their hootin' and hollering can warrant.
So who are the mavericks at the 2003 PGA Merchandise Show? Burrows Golf and their MAC Powersphere driver.
After seven long years in the making, Burrows Golf and their founder, namesake, CEO and Chairman, Bruce Burrows, launched their revolutionary driver at this year's PGA Show.
And after seven long years, who can blame them for wanting to make a little noise?
MAC PowersphereBurrows, an avid golfer and owner of over 200 patents worldwide, believes he has, perhaps, hit upon one of the most compelling technological advances in golf since the introduction of metal woods or graphite shafts.
The actual club head looks normal enough, but as you make your way to the bottom of the club, it is there that you notice that Burrow might possibly be on to something great.
A strange dome-like cavity that seems to be in a vortex - easier still, a small soup bowl that could fit half of a tennis ball - is hollowed out on the clubs sole plate.
The key, says Burrows, is the use of this sphere-like dome to distribute the shock wave created by the impact of the ball directly back to the impact zone, resulting in straighter shots and no loss of distance with off-centered hits.
And if that all sounds like a cross between all the other golf equipment mumbo-jumbo you've heard before, well, maybe it is.
But remember, it's usually a maverick that ultimately changes the way we do things, and changes them for the better.
Besides, a little noise never hurt anybody, just makes the party a little bit more entertaining.

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