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The Big Break V - HawaiiWeek after week, another contestant fails to handle the pressure and gets eliminated from The Big Break V. And the anxiety amongst the remaining eight contestants was becoming palpable.
Its getting more serious. Everybody is kinda going, I could go home today, recalled Julie Wells of Portland, Ore.
Every experience Ive every had on a golf course, pressure situations ' U.S. Amateurs, U.S. Opens ' I never thought I would say this, but they absolutely dont even compare to the pressure I felt yesterday (Episode 4), as much as my hands were shaking and much as my heart was pounding, proclaimed Becky Lucidi, the 2002 U.S. Womens Amateur champion.
The Big Break V
LPGA Tour stars Beth Bauer and Lori Kane made a surprise visit to The Big Break V: Hawaii.
Co-hosts Stephanie Sparks and Vince Cellini got things started in a hurry as they informed the ladies of the days Immunity Challenge, but with a little star power twist, as LPGA Tour regulars Lori Kane and Beth Bauer made a surprise visit to the show.
From a spot 100 yards out, Kane and Bauer would each hit a shot to the green to determine a point distance that would circle the pin. The contestants would score 2 points if they landed inside the closer of the two shots from Kane and Bauer and 1 point if inside the outer mark.
After the first round of attempts, nobody was able to crack a 2 pointer but five ladies were tied at a point apiece. Kane and Bauer again stepped up to the tee to establish another set of distances that would result in four separate scoring zones ' 4 points for knocking it in the inner most circle, 3 points inside the second ring and on down.
You want to impressive them. You want to be out there (LPGA Tour), so you want to hope that theyre thinking that youve got a good swing, said Aussie Dana Lacey on trying to hold her own against the LPGA players.
In round 2, the early number to beat was 2 shared by Wells, Lacey and Kristina Tucker until Jeanne Cho positioned her ball inside the third ring for 2 points and a two round total of 3 and the lead. The lead was short lived, however, as Ashley Prange knocked her approach stiff, coming to rest inside of 4 feet and good for 4 points, 5 total.
When Ashley had hit her shot my bubble burst because that was going to be tough to pull off, said Kim Lewellen, the last player with a shot to win the immunity.
And she was right, as her attempt drifted long enough to give Prange the immunity.
Now, the seven remaining players headed towards the Elimination Challenge where someones stay on the island of Oahu would be coming to an end.
I think its going to be a test of endurance ' of mental endurance, said Cho on the challenge that awaited.
Setting up on a par-3, the ladies were to hit three shots from three different distances ' from 90 yards, 120 yards and 146 yards. The player closest to the pin on each shot would move on to the next show and be safe from elimination. The four contestants unable to win one of the three closest to the pin shots would then play a sudden-death playoff on the par-3 to determine who would be ousted from the show.
Lucidi fired first from 90-yards and made it count, her ball landing just 13 feet from the hole. She then had to watch as the group one by one took aim to knock her off. And one-by-one, no one could better Lucidis mark as she joined Prange with immunity to the next show.
From the second location, Tuckers effort flirted with the water guarding the right side of the green but landed just a few feet right of the flagstick and it held up to win her a spot on the next episode.
The Big Break V
Divina Delasin is left to ponder what might have been.
Now it was down to one last chance to avoid the sudden death playoff ' from 146-yards out. With the winds howling on the North Shore of Oahu, club selection and the mounting pressure were a definite factor.
With the wind and knowing Im not hitting the ball solid, Im going to take an extra club and choke down, said Wells on her pre-shot strategy.
Her thinking may have ended up backfiring as her approach was dead on line but came up well short.
Lacey, who was not pleased with her effort but nevertheless was closest at this point, suddenly found herself in the drivers seat because the wind had wrecked havoc on the other ladies shots.
Here Im thinking Ive got a good chance even though I was totally not expecting it, recalled Lacey, who had to watch one last shot to determine her fate.
Divina Delasin, who had been battling leg and ankle problems throughout the day, was the last contestant to hit. But as soon as she made contact, she knew it was no good and indeed the ball found a watery grave. Lacey was on to the next show.
That left Delasin, Wells, Lewellen and Cho to face one another on the same par-3 but in a sudden death format. High score goes home.
Cho caught an early break as her tee shot found the front bunker only to bounce out and onto the light rough fronting the green. Her subsequent chip nestled to within a couple of feet for an easy tap in. Delasin was in the best position as her tee shot landed just 13 feet from the cup. After Wells and Lewellen lagged their putts close for pars, Delasin unfortunately left her birdie chance short. Four ladies, four pars. Back to the tee box.
We could be here a long time unless somebody just steps up and makes a birdie, said Lewellen after the four-way tie.
Or makes a bogey. Or worse.
Perhaps mentally and physically spent, Delasin proceeded to hit her tee shot to the right and it found the water. With the other three safely on the green, Delasin then chunked her chip shot and was suddenly left on the outside looking in. And then came the tears.
We all got emotional because Divinas got the greatest smile, the greatest laugh, the greatest character. Shes just a wonderful person, said Lewellen about her departing competitor.
I feel really blessed to even be here and to take in this challenge and this experience, said the disappointed but proud Delasin.
The Big Break V: Hawaii airs each Tuesday at 9 p.m. (ET), while Big Break V: All Access airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET), as part of the networks Top Shelf Wednesday lineup of premium programming.
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