Shedding the Pounds Wild Bills New Look


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeAs the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge enters its sixth week, some of the rough edges are beginning to be smoothed over by the team of gurus overseeing the Fab Five.
Despite Summers continuing frustration about the changes to her swing, she still performed well in her first on course lesson with her swing coach down in Austin, Texas. Moreover, police officer Ralph was starting to see some marked improvement in his game, in particular with his short game skills, as this week his swing coach was trying to teach him some of the finer points on course management.
Ralph is also seeing drastic results from his work with fitness guru Kelly Blackburn. At this point, he has already lost a whopping 15 pounds and has noticeably increased his flexibility, adding that the loss of the extra weight was making him feel great. Ralph was joined by disc jockey Ken in his success with Kelly on his fitness makeover. He too has lost considerable weight and was hoping that the added flexibility would result in a little more distance off the tee.
Natural Golf Makeover Challenge - Wild BillThose changes, however, may have paled in comparison to the makeover fashion guru Marty Hackel did on Wild Bill.

Having the tough task of making Wild Bill look more like a golfer without radically changing his own personal style, the two showed up at the swanky La Costa Resort and Spa to start the process.
You know Bill, we only have one chance to make a good impression, offered Marty as they stepped into the resorts spa to get Wild Bill started with some grooming treatments which included a haircut, a manicure and the trimming of his goatee.
Eventually Marty had Wild Bill decked out in several fashionable golf outfits much to the delight of his wife who was on hand for the transformation.
Look at you, you look great, responded his wife gleefully as Wild Bill did mock fashion runway modeling with Martys collection of designer duds. Marty literally topped things off with a stylish hat from Ecuador and a pair of cocktail party shoes that were embroidered with hand stitched skull and bones symbols.
Next week the crew returns to see how close they are getting to the goals they laid out for themselves at the beginning of the eight week Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
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