Swinging into Fashion


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeInto the third week of the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge, it was time to see if the Fab Five could get a good handle on the fundamentals and if they were ready to receive a little more insight on the full swing from their personal instructors.

After last weeks show, each had made several visits to their swing gurus and had begun working hard on the driving range to try and grasp the new concept and philosophy of the Natural Golf swing.

Although there was some frustration, they all seemed to begin to understand and be comfortable with what was to become of their new golf games.

I feel like right now my set up is instinctual. Holding the club, my physical body, how I set up to the ball, I dont even need to think about that, said DJ Ken Dashow about the changes. But what I am thinking about is hitting through the ball, which is the biggest thing.

Kevin Odberg and Marty HackelMeanwhile, fashion guru Kelly Blackburn paid visits to both police officer Ralph Sanzeri and mother of three, Summer Davidson-Jones. Kelly showed each of them several exercises that would be beneficial not only to their physical well being but also a huge help to their golf games.

Shes giving good instruction and a basis which I can learn from, remarked Ralph on his time with Kelly. Steady improvement. Thatll show me and keep me motivated.

After taking last week off to get some ideas ready for this weeks show, fashion guru and fashion editor for Golf Digest Marty Hakel took Kevin Odberg under his wing and hit the streets of New York to get his wardrobe headed in the right direction.

Stopping in some of 5th Avenues finest stores, including Brooks Brothers and Jay Kos, Marty had Kevin trying on a slew of different outfits, hoping to find a new, sporty style that Kevin could use on and off the golf course.

Before long Kevin was draped from head to toe with names like Bally, Tag Heuer and Ralph Lauren and ready to hit the links.

Next week the group will reunite in Orlando at the Reunion Resort and Club and take to the golf course to show off what improvements theyve made, not only in their swings, but in their attire as well. Plus, University of South Carolina football coach Lou Holtz, tries to get inside Kevins head.
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