Taking a New Swing to the Course


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeIn the beginning, five lucky golfers out of thousands of entrants were chosen to undergo an extensive golfing makeover that would include completely reworking their swings, and also touch on attire, motivation and fitness.
At the halfway point the Fab Five have shown some improvement, but there is still a good ways to go in the first ever Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
The main focus of the eight week challenge, of course, is to rebuild each of the participants swings and to help them better understand the philosophy and principals of Natural Golf.
The four fundamentals being taught are the palm grip, a straight-line set up, a wider stance and the concept of facing the ball at impact. As some of the golfers were finding out, its one thing to get a feel for the concept on the range but something entirely different once they got out onto the course.
I am a little frustrated. I feel Ive lost everything that Pat (her instructor) taught me in our first couple of lessons. I felt like I was making some progress, said Summer. And now, I dont even now what Ive done. Mentally, to take it from the club to your head and coordinate thatI dont know what Ive done.
Ken Dashow and Marty HackelFortunately for Summer, her swing guru was right there to pick up the pieces and get her back on track with the fundamentals. But it was becoming apparent that she was starting to feel the pressure of the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge.
Meanwhile, fashion guru Marty Hackel got a hold of disc jockey Ken Dashow and led him through the streets of New York City in search of a style that would let Ken look classy and comfortable without being to uppity. It turns out that without too much effort, Ken found the look with which he could identify.
Marty, you can dress me anytime, said the suddenly fashionable Ken after Marty had finished with him.
Speaking of fashion, in next weeks episode it will take every trick up Martys sleeve to try to get Wild Bill and his fashions turned in the right direction. Also, motivational guru Lou Holtz will pay a visit to Ralph to offer some words of encouragement.
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