Team Dynamic Brings High Drama


The Big Break V - HawaiiAfter three weeks and two eliminations, the remaining nine competitors gathered at the Big Break rock to receive instructions on how the day was to unfold.
And even though two players had been dismissed from the show, their mood of the final nine was still upbeat despite the growing emotional toll the challenges were beginning to take.
Oh were friends and well be friends no matter what, spoke Becky Lucidi on the dynamics of the nine competitors. But they want to beat me just as bad as I want to beat them.
Starting off with a Mulligan Challenge, the ladies were split into three groups of three and were told that along with winning a mulligan to use in the Immunity Challenge, Golfsmith had agreed to throw a $1,000 gift certificate into the mix for the three winners.
The Big Break V
During the Immuntiy Challenge, the players had to negotiate around a cluster of trees.
The teams were as follows: Team ACC - Ashley Prange, Kristina Tucker and Kim Lewellen; the Laughing Roos ' Julie Wells, Divina Delasin and Dana Lacey; Team Fun ' Becky Lucidi, Katie Ruhe and Jeanne Cho.
A group of barrels were lined up right on the beach and each team tried to chip as many balls as they could through the top of the barrel in just 60 seconds. The barrels had a 5 point, 3 point and 1 point value and the highest total team score would win.
After two rounds, the three teams were close and it was anybodys ball game with only 60 seconds left to add to their point totals. With a late 3 point shot by Prange, Team ACC took the title with 12 points and with it the mulligan and the Golfsmith gift cards.
With the three teams staying intact, they now all faced a three-tiered Immunity Challenge. One player from each squad would hit a tee shot and try to land the ball in a large rectangular area down the fairway in as few attempts as possible. The groups then moved to a spot where they would have to attempt a trouble shot from behind cluster of trees to try and land safely on the green. Finally, the last player on each team had to try and drain a 20-foot putt, also in the fewest amount of attempts. The team with the lowest total number of attempts after all three locations would be safe from elimination.
Immunity is gold! I mean, its your get out of jail free card, said Wells on the importance of each Immunity Challenge. Its everything in this game.
From the tee box, Lucidi got things underway for Team Fun but had trouble finding the zone and finished with four attempts. Tucker of Team ACC went second and needed just two tries to hit the target, followed by Wells from the Laughing Roos who found the landing area on her third attempt.
Getting set up behind the trees for the second location, Team Fun hit first and team member Ruhe luckily found the green on just her second effort. Lucky being the word, as both Team ACC and the Laughing Roos each failed to find and stay on the putting surface resulting in the maximum five attempts for both sides. The score now stood Team Fun ' 6; Team ACC ' 7; Laughing Roos ' 8, as they headed into the putting portion of the Immunity Challenge.
Divina Delasin of the last place Roos hit first from a mark about 20 feet from the hole but watched as it slid by the hole. Her second effort, however, dropped in the side door which instantly made her team the leaders in the clubhouse with 10 points. Needing to get a putt to drop in three tries or less, Prange of Team ACC failed to convert and her team was now going to the Elimination round. That left Jeanne Cho of Team Fun with the opportunity to seal her and her teammates fate. Three attempts or less and they would win the immunity, while four would forge a tie and a playoff with the Laughing Roos.
But after Cho saw her second putt lip out, the tension suddenly was turned up a notch as they realized that it may have been her best chance.
I think it is so much harder watching and having it out of your hands than hitting the shot. Id rather, definitely rather, be hitting the shot, said Chos teammate Lucidi on the tension of having to watch from the sidelines.
Indeed the lip out turned out to be the closest they would come and handed the Laughing Roos the Immunity while sending themselves into the Elimination round with Team ACC.
Its either perform or dont perform. Youre either staying or going home, said Prange as the six players met with co-hosts Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks for the Elimination Challenge.
Hitting from three different distances - 150-yards, 160-yards and 170-yards, the ladies again would try to land their shots inside a 40-foot circle painted around the flagstick. The person who accumulated the most attempts from all three locations would become the third unfortunate contestant to be ousted from the show.
The Big Break V
At the end of the day, Katie Ruhe was unable to hit the shots necessary to stay on the show.
Prange set the tone in Rd. 1 by making it on her first try, followed by Cho and Lucidi (two attempts), Lewellen (three), Tucker (four). Ruhe found the water on her second shot and struggled to an opening five.
When I hit that second shot into the water, it literally felt like I was having an out of body experience and everything around me was coming completely undone, recalled Ruhe on the pressure to stay alive in the competition.
Round 2 again found Prange on the mark as she hit the target in two. Tucker bounced back after a four and made it on her first shot to move into a tie for second with Lewellen, who hit the zone in two for a total of five after the second round. Lucidi joined Ruhe in last place as both had seven.
Anything can happen at this point, said Cho about the third and final round of shots. Things can turn around so fast here!
And just like that, Pranges good groove was lost as she stumbled to a five to finish the Elimination Challenge with a total of eight attempts. Lewellen, Tucker and Cho all followed and all came in under Prange with seven and were officially safe from going home. That left Ruhe and Lucidi to battle it out.
Lucidi quickly let Prange off the hook by missing her first shot but rebounded nicely with her second shot which found the target, giving her a grand total of nine for the challenge.
I took a deep breath and stood back because all I could do at that point was watch, said Lucidi on the unfolding drama. Its so much worse than having to hit the shot.
Ruhe looked as if shed hit a homerun on her first effort as the ball hit the green and rolled right up to the hole only to see it continue to roll past the cup and out of the target zone. It was now down to one last shot ' hit the zone and force a playoff or miss and say aloha to the her fellow contestants. Her shot had the line but checked up on the front of the green and ultimately came up short.
This literally feels like somebody reached in and grabbed my heart and just ripped it out of my chest, said a tearful Ruhe, who now had become the third competitor to leave the island.
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