Tryon the Comeback Kid


Ty Tryon will once again be making headlines as he tees it up at this week's Utah Classic on the Buy.Com Tour.
What was supposed to be a break-out year accompanied with a lot of noise from young Tryon, has so far been a short fizzle followed by months of silence. Tryon, who is now 18, was 17 when he got his PGA Tour card last winter.
After playing in four events, none of which resulted in even playing on the weekend, Tryon was brought down not by a Tiger, a Shark, or a Walrus, but with a lingering battle with mononucleosis and tonsillitis.
Because of Ty's condition, the PGA Tour granted Tryon a medical exemption that will allow him to play 23 events from now until the end of the 2003 season.
And though it might sound strange to label this a comeback, for the kid has only played in a handful of tournaments, it is indeed a comeback, nonetheless.
'He's back, he's healthy and he's been playing a lot,' his agent, Jay Danzi, said. 'He's really looking forward to getting back inside the ropes.'
Tryon also received a limited number of Buy.Com events to enter, the Utah Classic being one of them, and he hopes to use these special invites to not only break the long silence, but also to turn that fizzle back into some sizzle.