Wheres My PGA Show Goodie Bag


2005 PGA Merchandise ShowORLANDO, Fla. -- I was fully expecting, as an attendee of the spectacular 2005 PGA Merchandise Show, to receive an expensive goodie bag when I entered the massive Orange County Convention Center.
Although void of the famous red carpet, I still foolishly assumed it would be just like Oscar night in Hollywood and a gift bag filled with hundreds if not thousands of dollars of golf gifts would be mine.
Not only was this not the case, but to make matters even worse, I also realized that I hadnt even been nominated for anything.
GustBuster umbrellaAhh, but the show must go on, and so I instead strolled into the massive convention hall and decided to make a list of things that I would have enjoyed to be in my wonderful goodie bag. And then seeing that some of these items couldnt possibly fit in a little gift bag, I instead envisioned needing a large SUV to get the goodies home.
Starting small I uncovered a little booth called 535s Sport Optics that dealt in eyewear. Using a lens technology that filters out red and blue light ' while allowing green in ' the resulting effect is that you are able to truly see the contours of the green while still providing UV and IR protection.
There are hundreds of teaching aids in this place, but none of them are going to help you if you dont have a good read of the green, said founder Barry Ozer. With these youll see the green like never before.
Flying high above the showroom floor like the flags of the United Nations, GustBuster golf umbrellas were easy to spot. The No. 1 choice for golfers on all the major tours, these award-winning umbrellas are quite simply the best designed and best looking. With the double canopy design, which has been tested to withstand winds up to 55 mph, the umbrella can sometimes be your best friend when playing on a rainy day.
And if it isnt the rain causing you grief, then Mother Nature is probably serving up some extreme heat or perhaps sending a little chill through the air while youre trying to get in your weekly 18. Well, no more worries, as a company called Masterflux is bringing to the masses a heating and cooling system thats built right into the cart to keep you as comfortable as possible despite Mother Natures objections.
With so many golfers rambling these days about looking for chances to walk the golf course instead of ride in a cart, SeeMore Golf has come up with an ingenious and simple solution to those in need.
Without having to haul around your own cumbersome trolley in the trunk, or shell out several bucks each time to the club, SeeMores design works much the same as most of the luggage you see nowadays at the airport. The wheels are already attached and the handle slides up right out of the top of the bag so youre ready for that walk in the park in no time.
G.G. MarkerAs you continue to receive a wide array of books on the game of golf with each passing birthday or Fathers Day, is your golf library getting a little out of control and sloppy looking?
Fret not, as Origins of Golf produce a limited edition of golf-themed bookends ' as well as a number of other golfing knickknacks - that are sure to get your bookcases straightened up and presentable to your golfing buddies. Reasonably priced at most golf outlets, these bookends ' and not yet another golf book ' should make your Christmas list later this year.
Are you like me and have a favorite hole on a favorite course but its located half a world away?
Well, dont let that spoil the fun or let the memories fade, for a company named G.G. Markers will have no problem customizing your very own marble hole marker complete with the hole number, the yardage and even the name of the club.
Available in many shapes, sizes, designs and colors - including a very classy granite ' why not place one of these out in the backyard, where you normally practice up on your pitching and chipping skills, to remind yourself not only of the great memories youve had in the past but also the fun you might have in the future.
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