He Said


Once again, hello Big Break fans! It is none other than Mr. Obnoxious! Ha ha! I'd just first like to say that being an athlete, or going into a job interview, boasting and talking yourself up only shows obvious self doubt. It does not come off as anything but annoying and ridiculous. I do know better, but wow, it makes for great TV! Plus, they (Production) do know what they are doing. Myself on the other hand, what can I say? I'm a ham at best.

As you see in episode nine, Sara Brown and I went at it and brought the show more great drama, more than I ever wanted or expected. We repeated the hole five times before a decision was made. I was having trouble off the tee, and Sara was Sara, blasting away, right down the middle of the fairway. I'm not sure which hole it was, but the unthinkable then happened. It was called to my attention that I was cheating. At first I had not a clue what had happened. I know the rules fairly well and was certain I hadn't done anything wrong. As the rules official and Sara pointed out my infraction, I was shocked, embarrassed and started to play back my thoughts and actions. All I could really think was that I had no intentions of reading and/or thinking about the grain. I was behind the hole each and every time. I knew the grain was clearly against me, and my intentions were good. From there, I just left it up to the rules official. I then cleared my mind to go back to golfing. I was saying to myself, “I do not cheat, look at this as another learning experience and move forward.” Well, now looking back and reviewing the rule, I made a big mistake. I was wrong. Sara did not over react, she was right. That’s considered to be cheating. What can I say other than the “golf gods” were watching. And, there really is such a thing as Karma.

Lori and her (darts) shots had been nothing short of spectacular. She had been sniffing the hole on what seemed to be every approach shot she hit up to this point. One finally falls, and well, there you have it…Karma. As for my play during those Team and MVP Point Challenges, I was already hooking the ball off the tee. I had just lost out on eight MVP points by missing a very easy putt early on, which was still on my mind. We had a rain delay, and I was last, allowing myself to get anxious and very quick with my swing. There also was obvious tightness and clearly a non-relaxed posture: shoulders closed at address and tense. Not to mention I started getting my hands too forward on the ball, and it all caused the 'snap hooks.' By that time, I just wanted to go out there and pound drives like a fool. I let myself (ego) get in the way of my team once again. I never should have had a driver in my hand, for a number of reasons, some in which I just mentioned. I can only hope to learn from my mistakes and move forward. I know I make enough mistakes to last a lifetime, just on this show alone. To say I'm a character on this show is putting it mildly, but it is just that, a show. A darn good one though, I must admit. ;)

I hope you all enjoy the remaining episodes. Thanks for watching!

Good Karma,