He Said


I had the first opportunity to play golf with Blair before the shooting of Big Break PEI. It was obvious immediately that she flat out has game. She is a great competitor and doesn't back down from anyone. Blair is very good off the tee, hits it pretty deep and is one hell of a putter. One of the most important aspects of her game is also the experience that she brings. From her college days to the Cactus Tour, Blair is well primed for the type of pressure playing on Big Break brings.  

As for my opportunity to compete again on Big Break, well, it was awesome, when I received the call. To be able to have another crack at this competition and be part of the Golf Channel's biggest show was just a blast as well as a dream. Without question, the team aspect definitely added to the stress of it all for me, as it caused me to put even more pressure on myself. By this third episode, as a team, I felt we were starting to get to know and enjoy one another, but the pressure was getting greater for me as I had yet to prove myself a strong asset to the team. Many of the other players on both teams have much more experience playing professional golf than I did. I just continued to believe in myself, pushed through and learned as much as I could from my teammates. These guys were great as they were willing to give me advice and help me to be more successful on the course while having fun doing it.