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CHICAGO, Ill. -- Wilson Golf has introduced the Wilson Staff Ci6 (Control) irons to its premium line of clubs for 2006. Looking to become the iron company for all, regardless of handicap, the Ci6 irons are specifically designed for the 10-16 handicap golfer looking for increased control and added distance. The new Ci6 irons complement the current Wilson Staff iron family (Forged, Performance and Distance) first introduced last season.
Wilson Staff Ci6 irons
The new Wilson Staff Ci6 irons
The Wilson Staff Ci6 irons blend the strongest attributes of the Wilson Staff Pi5 (Performance) iron and Wilson Staff Di5 (Distance iron) irons. Both the Pi5 and Di5, as well as the Wilson Staff Fi5 (Forged) irons, will remain in the line for 2006. The design of the Ci6 irons features a head size larger than that of the Pi5 but still smaller than the Di5. The progressive top-line and offset are wider and greater than the Pi5, but thinner and less than the Di5, respectively. The Ci6 stainless steel, midsize cast club head features a full back cavity, small undercut and low center of gravity across the entire set.
The Wilson Staff Ci6 irons also feature a new Elastomeric Damping layer applied to the entire back cavity which, according to Wilson, reduces vibration and decreases overall resonant frequency of the head when striking the ball. This patented layer, says Wilson, also provides 1/3 more vibration damping, which in turn produces softer and truer feel at impact as the technology is designed to replicate the feel of striking a ball as if it were hit by a forged blade.
The new Wilson Staff Ci6 irons are designed specifically to that golfer with a 10-16 handicap, said Angus Moir, Global Business Director, Wilson Golf. The Ci6 are for the player seeking maximum control with a more traditional look and Wilsons patented Elastomeric Damping layer provides a much truer feel. With the addition of this set of irons, we have improved the Wilson Staff family of irons and now truly have an iron for everyone. At one time, Wilson Staff was the iron company, and now with Forged, Performance, Control and Distance irons, we feel we are on the way back to once again earning that recognition.
The new Wilson Staff Ci6 irons will be available in steel or graphite shafts and each shaft option is designed to maximize control and produce launch and trajectory characteristics sought by the golfer. The new Taper Tech C1 steel shaft from True Temper features tri-section construction and progressive tip length to a .370-inch tip. The stiffer tip in the mid to short irons produces a lower launch angle and more control, while a higher kick point in the low to mid irons promotes higher launch and greater distance.
The Nano Tech graphite shaft that was introduced last year has been improved, according to Wilson, to feature Nano construction across not just the tip, but the full length of the shaft. The infusion of nano particles produces a stronger and more torisionally stable shaft, and the .370 tip, which also includes progressive tip length, optimizes ball flight across the set.
The new Wilson Staff Ci6 Irons will be available in early 2006 at pro and golf specialty shops for $499 in steel (RL, R, S, X) and $599 in graphite (RL, R, S, X).

Sun Mountain Speed Cart
Sun Mountain Speed Cart
Missoula, Montana - Sun Mountain, the inventors of the easily collapsible push cart, Speed Cart (r), have introduced a self-propelled, electric version of this top-selling cart called Speed E Cart(tm). Speed E Cart allows golfers the enjoyment and health benefits of walking the course while the cart carries the clubs. Speed E Cart operates with cruise control and dynamic braking that keep the cart at a consistent speed. Golfers just walk behind and steer. Speed E Cart folds down into a compact package that fits into a car trunk or cart locker. Speed E Cart is available in black, metallic silver and metallic orange with a full-suggested retail price of $799.
Speed E Cart is an electric cart driven by a 24V motor, hidden inside the front wheel. Sun Mountain says the motor is silent and extremely efficient. The motor is powered by a small battery which goes the distance for over 18 holes. The Speed E Cart motor is controlled by a set of buttons placed on the cart's handle. The buttons include power on/off, start/stop, buttons to increase and decrease speed to set a walking pace, which the motor is programmed to maintain across varied terrain; plus three timer buttons that allow the cart to be sent ahead unassisted 15, 30 and 60 yards. When powered off, the Speed E Cart can be pushed as a manual Speed Cart for peace of mind when maneuvering in the parking lot or around the clubhouse and to eliminate the chance of being stranded on the course with an out-of-charge battery.

SAN DIEGO, CA ' Lamkin Corp., a major supplier of grips to the golf industry, has hired leading engineering professional Norman A. Assali to head up the companys engineering and product development departments.
Lamkins new director of engineering and product development, Assali comes to Lamkin from Ingersoll-Rand/Schlage, where he spent the last 10 years leading the commercial and residential security and safety industry in product design, productivity efficiency and continuous improvements in achieving operational excellence. He is a black-belt champion in the six-sigma program, a training program developed to help businesses achieve extraordinary results by reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving process speeds, raising quality levels and deepening customer relationships.
Norman is a great asset to our organization, says Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin Corp. His dedication to his work and clear business focus will help us as we continue to provide golfers with the latest technical advances in golf grips. We are happy to have added a team player who can bring so much to the table, for both Lamkin and Lamkin customers.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA ' According to Nickent, the first week the DC Ironwood was introduced to the PGA Tour, at the last full field event of the 2005 season, it helped catapult the family of 3DX hybrids to # 1 on the PGA Tour. Even the 2004 British Open champion who helped make hybrids famous with his hybrid play switched over to the new 3DX DC after just two days of testing, says Nickent.
Nickent DC Ironwood
Nickent DC Ironwood
To create an even hotter and more forgiving hybrid, Nickent thinned the face of the 3DX DC, creating a higher C.O.R. than the original 3DX Ironwood. A plasma welding process was used to help redistribute the weight to the extreme perimeters of the club head. Forty grams of weight were moved down and back in the head using two tungsten-polymer fused inserts (XW Inserts). Thats almost 60% more adjustable weight in the club head than in the leading adjustable weight hybrid.
The XW Inserts are a fusion of polymer and tungsten. By using polymer around the outside of the insert, Nickent says they have the ability to vary the mass of the insert without being bulky and taking away from proper club head design. XW Inserts are also used to move the center of gravity of the head to insure proper weight distribution and eliminate pull hooks.
Hybrids have become popular because they offer the golfer more ball flight options than long irons or high lofted fairway woods, said Nickent Senior Vice President John Hoeflich. Now the new 3DX DC family-of-hybrids give the player even more choices to be certain that they have the right club for every shot from 150 to 250 yards. With all of our loft options and different launch characteristics, we have left no doubt that we are the unanimous King of Hybrids.
The 3DX DC Ironwood has 14 hybrid lofts, one club every 1.5 degrees from 14 to 26. The 3DX family-of-hybrids features three high performance shafts from the worlds premier shaft manufacturers. The 75 gram Aldila NV hybrid shaft is used, making Nickent the only manufacturer to offer this stable yet easier to load genuine NV shaft. Also available in graphite is the UST Golf high-performance SR2 graphite shaft. For players who prefer the weight and feel of steel, the Nippon 950 shaft is available in an S/R shaft option. MSRP is $199 on the NV stock option, $169 for the UST SR2 and $179 in the Nippon 950 shaft.
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