Chris Brady Player Blog


As sad as I am to see myself lose a competition, I gained a great experience to add to my lengthy resume of adventures. One of the things I will take away from Big Break Sandals Resorts is to never eat the peppers in the Bahamas! I will also take away lessons pertaining to the way you treat people, along with who and what really matters in life. Being completely secluded and out of contact with the people you love most and who support what you do, makes this competition unique. As much as golf is an individual sport, every great player has a team of people that help them perform to the best of their ability. Being on Big Break made me appreciate all of the people that encourage me to succeed at whatever it is I’m doing. Not having those voices of reinforcement and confidence around on a daily basis was a reality check, and I came home more appreciative than ever! 

As for my performance on the show, I can’t really complain too much, because I barely touched a club the eight months since I had played a competitive round. With snow on the ground at home and trying to hit a few buckets with ski gear on, I was probably the most unprepared I’d ever been for a competition. I work nine-hour workdays and can rarely get to a golf course to practice during the weekdays. That lack of practice showed in my elimination. However, I definitely wonder if the results of the competition would have been different if I had been wintering in Florida and still playing professional golf.

The beauty of the Bahamas and Sandals Resorts doesn’t echo enough through the television, and someday, I do hope to take my family back there and show them where Stacey hit her amazing sand shot to win us lunch with Greg Norman or the island where Lili and I were stranded at the Chat ‘N Chill during a crazy thunderstorm. Until then, I will be enjoying my family time and the booming industry of Nuclear Power at Shaw. Best of luck to the girls remaining, and I hope their careers are filled with success and satisfaction!