A Curious Trio



Wow... down to the final three! And now we have Lorena Ochoa in the show! Well, kind of. I think the look on Lili’s face was so priceless, when we hinted that her childhood friend might be there. When we actually went through the pre-production for this show, it was with the anticipation that Lorena would be there. We talked to her, and she was excited about doing it, however she had other commitments that she had to attend to so we went to our plan B. But nonetheless it made for some great golf shots.

The elimination challenge between Carling and Sara had been a long time coming. No crazy challenges, just straight up golf. I think they reached the limit of momentum swings possible in three holes, which was mainly due to Carling not taking advantage of the situations she was in.

The final hole of the elimination was truly a great display of golf. Even in High Def it is difficult to show just how difficult that second shot is on the 12th hole. The green is very elevated, and from the right side of the fairway, the girls could see about the top third of the flagstick. It wasn’t until they actually drove all the way up to the green that they saw where their balls were. They were both tremendous approaches. but again, the momentum Sara had by being closer to the hole and on the same line as Carling was swung again when Carling dropped the bomb of the season.

It’s very sad to see Sara go this close to the end, but as she said, her finding a love for the game again could be worth more than the final prize it in the end. I have no doubts this isn’t the last we have heard from Sara Brown.

Producer’s Notes:

-   Did you notice Sara’s reaction when Carling throws the clue card during breakfast? If not watch again. It’s pretty funny.