Episode 3 Blog


Show 3 started out with one of the signature Big Break challenges. We have done the Glass Break Challenge in a variety of different ways. But no matter what the format, it's always a thrill seeing the players’ eyes light up when they pop that glass. But perhaps even more satisfying is the look on their faces when we are able to successfully surprise the players. As they pulled up to the challenge and saw PGA TOUR winner J.B. Holmes there hitting balls, it was very exciting for everyone.

Logistically trying to sneak a PGA TOUR player out on a golf course can sometimes be equivalent to sneaking candy into the movie theatre. But from a production standpoint, it was important that we get a realistic reaction when the players saw J.B. for the first time. Fortunately this time we were able to pull it off, and the guys had no clue when they came around the corner and J.B. was hitting balls in front of them. Then, when J.B. broke the glass (on cue, in one swing by the way) and they heard that sound in real life, the excitement level was definitely raised.

The elimination challenge certainly took a very unexpected turn early on. When we tested shots at the first location from 154 yards behind the tree, there was plenty of green visible to the right of the tree. The pin was not accessible by design, but a draw 9 or 8 iron was what we expected the players to hit to safely get on the playing surface. What we didn't expect was KMAX trying to go right over the tree and totally changing the dynamic of the challenge. But if there is one thing I have learned on my 8 seasons of Big Break, it's to always expect the unexpected.