Episode 9 Blog


It’s down to the Final Four! No excuses now boys. All you have to do is play golf and sink your ball, and you are through to the finale. Oh! And surprise! Three of you will be going to the finale instead of the usual two!


As the guys were warming up on the range before we headed out to the challenge, I noticed Gipper was having a harder time than usual getting his shoulder loosened up. We had Mike, the medic, working feverishly on him, and Gip assured us he would be fine. Since the challenge was to play golf without having to wait in-between shots, Gip figured he would stay loose during the challenge.


As Gip pulled the Waste Management ball out of the hat, it wasn't much of a surprise when he picked Kevin. Although I think most of the guys have really underestimated Kevin, I did like Gippers chances. The second hole was a par-5, giving Gip the upper hand. But, if there is one thing we have all come to learn, if Kevin can just keep his ball in play, he can make putts like a seasoned tour pro.


The Gipper vs. Kevin match was a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” kind of match. Kevin's tee ball on the second hole “shoulda” gone in the water. Which means Gipper “woulda” won the match right there and we “coulda” had a much different threesome in the finale. But alas, the final three consists of three great players, all with much different strengths and weaknesses.


I think we were all a little disappointed that we never got to see Tony and Gipper square off head-to-head at all this season. That would have made for some good competition. But the finale is next, and I promise it is by far the best finale in Big Break history. It was the first time I was actually nervous for the guys coming down the stretch. It was an amazing finish!