Kill Two Birds with One Stone


Drama, Drama, Drama! So much drama and in such a short period of time. In my somewhat limited experience, I have come to realize when your phone rings at 3am, very rarely does it ever pertain to anything that will make you laugh. The morning of show three only enhanced this theory.

As I groggily blurted out “hello?” into my phone, I was alerted by one of our production assistants that Sara was taken away by an ambulance to a nearby hospital, to which I can only speculate a mildly coherent response came from me as I bolted upright. I then learned she was very sick and severely dehydrated. Nothing life-threatening, but there was a good chance she would not be able to compete the next day. After a few hours it was indeed confirmed that Sara was ok but would need to rest for at least one day. But in golf as in life, the show must go on!

Meanwhile, over on the Men’s Team, Brian is starting to let his analytical side take over which, if not taken with the right dosage, can lead to paralysis of the golf swing. It will be interesting to see how he is able to cope as the season progresses. But as far as his teammates are concerned, it needs to stop.

I think both teams are really starting to grasp the overall picture of the format at this point. They are realizing that the team aspect is vitally important to success but at the same time there is a battle within a battle, because whoever earns the most MVP points will take home the lion’s share of the money. I think we will see that some players will volunteer for more challenges in an effort to gain more points for themselves. BUT ultimately, if the team doesn’t win, then the points could be all for naught.

Oh, and just in case you are sitting at home worried sick about Sara. Not to worry. After a full day of rest, she made a full recovery, and I promise she will be back in the next show.