Lightning Never Strikes Twice


Preparing and planning each episode of Big Break takes hours and hours of tireless, painstakingly intensive planning. However, even with all the planning and asking ourselves all the “what ifs”, there was no way we could ever have predicted what would take this place in this week’s show.

Let’s recap, shall we? Brian and Elena’s budding romance has hit full bloom. Brian beats Sara after being accused of cheating. Sara is permanently benched. Wait for it…

Sara is not permanently benched, because the girls get a Strike Eraser in the very next challenge. Elena is now pissed, because the girls want to bring Sara back. Even after some criticism from Elena, Christina gets elected to play in the Strike Challenge. She calls out A-Rod (who by the way is “puking his guts out”). Then he beats Christina. But, just as the show was getting good, the girls decide to have an all-out cat fight on the bus ride back to their villa. (I’m getting tired just thinking about it all.) The point is, we have been doing this show for 14 seasons, and this was the first show we have ever done that had so many unexpected twists and turns. Despite our unrelenting, tireless efforts, I think it’s safe to say the oven is definitely pre-heated for the finale.


Now here are some cool things you didn’t know (mainly because we didn’t show it or tell you).

-In the “Up and Down” Challenge you may have noticed we didn’t show Lori’s attempt, because there was no way the girls could win the challenge. But she did go, because MVP points were on the line. She attempted the six-point location but missed a six-foot putt.

-The Strike Eraser really was heard around the world. Well, at least around Casa de Campo. In fact, some of the grounds crew working on an adjacent hole actually radioed-up to the pro shop, because they thought someone was being attacked.

-Solving the dilemma of the “Brian testing the green” fiasco was handled by our on-course rules official, Kent Kahre. He did everything by the book and even called the PGA of America and the USGA to make sure his decision was in fact spot-on. They both were in total agreement. Sara, on the other hand, was not as on-board with the decision. I just hope she gets a chance to get revenge. (That’s called foreshadowing.)

The big finale is all that we have left! Stay tuned!