Play Like A Champion Today


I think any of us who play the game of golf well enough to keep score can appreciate many things about this week’s episode. We all have our good days and bad days. Bringing back past champions Bri Vega, Kim Welch and Ashley Prange definitely provided some fresh excitement in the morning. All the Big Break Sandals Resorts contestants were shocked to receive the visitors at breakfast (as evidence by Chris Brady’s screaming), but that shock soon turned to competitive drive on the range. 

The first location of the Immunity Challenge obviously proved a little more “challenging” than we had hoped. The one aspect that proved very difficult for the players was the design of the tee boxes. The 15th hole at Emerald Reef Golf Club has four sets of tees, and all of them aim the golfer about 20 yards right of the fairway. This turned out to be a battle for the players. If you noticed, the first six golfers in a row all missed the target to the right. Then someone pointed out the tee box was aiming way right then the next six golfers all overcompensated and missed left.

I will say in the past champs defense, thanks to unforeseen issues, they flew in to the Bahamas late the night before we shot this episode and were up very early to compete on the show.

If one thing was shown very clearly in this episode, it’s that Sara is definitely taking the reins that Ryann held as the “player to beat.” But as we saw with Ryann, even the assumed best player is not immune to elimination.

Speaking of elimination, I think it goes without saying that the tone for the day was set in the Immunity Challenge. The golf may not have been spectacular, but in the end, it came down to one player having to make a putt to remain in the competition. I have never personally had a nine-foot putt to stay on the Big Break show, but I have talked to many people who have, and I can tell you with absolutely certainty it is a pressure that cannot be duplicated.