Water under the Bridge


Oh, come on now people. Who doesn’t like a good cliffhanger every now and again? I mean, seriously.

As the action resumes with this show, we crank up the heat and hand out a total of six strikes by the end of the show.

In all seriousness though, we had every intention of putting the Elena/Andrew Benching Challenge in last week’s show. However, we had more than enough content for last week, and logistically, we wanted to keep the flow of the show organic to show you, our loyal audience, how it really went down. Ultimately, it’s all about you.


Interesting facts about this show:

-Sometimes, because of time, we have to edit out one or two holes the competitors play in a match. However, in the Strike Challenge, all five matches were won and lost in one hole. We had anticipated at least a couple of playoffs, but as we all know, in golf the word “should” shouldn’t apply.

-Andrew and Elena’s match actually had two extra playoff holes, and we only showed one. The first playoff hole featured two pretty routine pars. Again, just trying to keep you entertained. 

-This was the second of two shows we shot on the Dye Fore course. It truly was an amazing golf course. It tips out at 7,800 yards and offers some incredible views of the river and marina. And the river that runs along the east side of the golf course is where the infamous helicopter scene in “Apocalypse Now” was shot.

-If you are wondering where Elena went during the end of the show (yes she kind of disappears from the bench), it was because she was struck with heat exhaustion and had to be tended to. But don’t worry, she is ok and will be back next week.

-Even though Sara and William’s tee shots were fairly similar in distance away from the pin, there was 71 yards between them, because William was in the left rough and Sara was in the right waste area. Yes, the fairway was that wide.

Six strikes in one show really shakes things up. Now seven people are in real jeopardy of being permanently benched. And that’s bad.

Stay Tuned!