Youre going to need a bigger boat


Working on an episode of Big Break during the taping phase is very similar to any ordinary office job. You show up for work with coffee or other beverage of choice in hand. Talk to your boss who gives you a to-do list for the day. Then you set off to do your best work that will produce some kind of end result. The only differences would be that I get to work outside (which isn’t always a good thing, depending on the weather) and some days the tasks on my to-do list include, “Go set up an Immunity Challenge with Greg Norman.”

The logistics of keeping a special guest a secret in past seasons have been challenging. But when the location is a resort literally on its own island and the special guest is someone as globally recognizable as Mr. Norman, it takes things to a whole new level. I can say with certainty when Mr. Norman walked out onto the driving range the morning of episode 3, all the reactions you saw were very genuine. Not one of the competitors had any clue he was going to be there, and it showed. So many thanks to all the crew and staff at Sandals Resorts for making sure the “package” was not compromised.

It is a personal thrill to be a part of conceptualizing and setting up the challenges for Big Break competitions. And for the first Immunity Challenge of this show, it was exceptionally thrilling to do so with Mr. Norman. We went out to the location of the challenge about 45 minutes before the reveal at the range, and we had some ideas of where we wanted the girls to play from. We quickly learned Mr. Norman was taking this task very seriously and had planned out in advance specific locations for the competitors to play from. After we scouted the different locations, took Mr. Norman to the range to meet the girls and he had the opportunity to watch them hit some shots, he made the decision to toughen up the locations. He saw just how talented these players really are. At the beginning of the challenge when Mr. Norman went out to pick the locations, it was not only a reveal to the players, but to the producers and crew as well.

It is very difficult to express just how good Stacey’s shot from the third location really was, but having stood where she stood and having played some fairly accomplished golf myself, I can say, it was very worthy of a winning shot. Many thanks to Mr. Norman and his entourage for being so accommodating and generous with their time.

Sara absolutely owned the glass break challenge and made it possible for only 2 players to actually break the glass, not quite the way we had it drawn up. But still it was a very impressive display of golf.

We also got to say goodbye to our first alliance. Ryann and Maiya were forced to battle it out, and Ryann showed everyone why she is the player to beat. It’s interesting how the players are aligning themselves, and we’ll see how the alliances will play a factor in the competition. I think we will see Seema become a force to reckon with, but maybe not because of her abilities on the course. Stay tuned!