Birds of a Feather Flock Together


On show eight of Big Break Dominican Republic titled “Birds of a Feather Flock Together,” we really see the players going through strange and unexpected emotional changes. Our show may be weekly, but what audiences don’t realize is our show was shot over a 12 day period. That means that these Big Breakers are competing nearly every day, sometimes back to back with crack of dawn starts, continuous play throughout the humid days, and interviews that go late into the night. It should be no surprise that politeness falls by the wayside while real cut-throat emotion spills out everywhere.

Desperate and permanently benched along with Brenda, Elena thinks the best plan of attack is to get inside the guys heads with sarcastic comments and smirks. Lori agrees and joins in by trying to first make fun of Andrew’s wardrobe. The thing you have to know about Andrew is he has a dry sense of humor that the girls get annoyed by. But you have to agree, his striped shirt and plaid pants were straight up funny. He may have gotten some wardrobe advice from Ian Poulter—who knows.

It really didn’t matter what the women said to the guys, because in the end, it didn’t work. Even though the girls took a one point lead in stage one of the Team Challenge, the guys swept them through stages two, three and four. And it irritated them—especially Sara, who clearly let Anthony know that she and the rest of the ladies were tired of what they saw as his constant need for attention. Sara is a sweet, charming, quiet girl, and when she yelled at Anthony and said he was going to get “mean Sara,” I knew right away that the gloves were off.

However, through all of the stress and tension, Cupid came fluttering to Casa De Campo, because a little romance blossomed between Elena and Brian. Her attention and care seemed to really help Brian calm down, and it really showed during stage four of the Team Challenge, when Brian stuck it to four feet and two inches out of the bunker on the fifth hole—sealing the win for the men.

Brian felt he had been struggling so much until that point, and when the men chose Football to go into the Benching Challenge over Brian, Brian was pissed. However, those decisions are tough. These athletes have to make decisions quickly based on previous performances, and sometimes they make fantastic choices, and sometimes they make mistakes. They are only human.

I think on this show, no one realized that more than Football. He went head to head against Lori with a one shot advantage in the Benching Challenge and still got it handed to him by Lori. She just had too much to lose. With one strike already against her, she was going to fight for those three holes, and she did, beating Football by one stroke (technically two strokes if you don’t count his advantage).

Football said it best: “It’s golf. Sometimes you’re the bug, and sometimes, you’re the windshield.” At least he’ll only be sitting out in the next show, and he’ll be back in the grand finale in two weeks. Keep watching.