Episode 7 Blog


Wow, here we are already at show #7. My, how the time has flown by. This is my third and final Big Break as Producer, although I was a part of all the Big Break All-Star Challenges. It is always interesting to see how the cast bonds together. At the beginning of the show, all the cast members are buddy-buddy and don’t want to be the cast that talks bad about each other. But in the end, it is the competition and the desire to grab the brass ring that erodes that friendly bond. Now don’t get me wrong, there are always cliques, so it is my job to try and draw out the emotion of this competition from each contestant. There are many ways in which to evoke emotion, but the sure-fire way is through the challenges, which is why head-to-head match ups work the best. 

The match-ups in this episode were easy to see the night before as I looked over the next day’s schedule. Although, the episode would have taken a much different direction had Tony not finished in the top two of the seeding challenge; who really was going to pick Tony? Editing this episode together was so fulfilling, especially after two of the people who chose their opponent were sent to elimination.  Mike and Blake are the best of friends, but having the two of them in elimination was interesting to watch. Mike would never admit it to anyone, but he definitely struggled with the possibility of sending his best friend on the show home, and the same could be said for Blake. On the final hole of this elimination, I was fully prepared for another hole and was frantically trying to figure out how I would fit all this great golf into this episode, when the unthinkable happened. Blake missed his two-and-a-half footer! I had to catch my breath, but selfishly, I quickly stole a grin as I could see how all the drama would build in the episode leading up to that moment. As a Producer, you long for moments like this. I was fortunate enough to have another moment like this back in Big Break Mesquite when A-Rod missed his short putt as well to eliminate himself from the competition. 

Blake is a great person and an even better golfer when he relaxes. At first, I didn’t know how to take Blake, so I called former Big Breaker and friend of Blake’s, James Nitties, to get some background and perspective on what Blake had to offer the show. All I can say is that James’ analysis of what Blake would bring was dead on. I interviewed Blake the first few episodes and found him to be an interesting person to sit down and talk to. I mean, you would never think that he could put two sentences together without freaking out, but I was wrong. Blake is genuine and never minces words with anyone, which is what is so enduring about him. Plus, he is self-deprecating which is quite humorous. 

One thing Blake has in common with his pal, James Nitties, is that both of them were eliminated in episode #7. I hope Blake’s future will shine as bright as James’.