Magical Touch


I stated in my first blog that I grew up in Central Florida, so it was definitely weird to be taping this edition of Big Break at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney has such a mystique around this area, so when you get to see some of but not all of the behind-the-scenes goings on at Disney, you feel like you have been let in on government secrets.  Setting up the flop wall in the Magic Kingdom was a thrill, but it came at a cost, losing sleep.  The morning of the challenge, my editor, Trish, and myself awoke at 2:45 AM and were in the hallowed grounds of the Magic Kingdom at 3:30 AM!  I had three hours to get my props crew in and get the flop wall set up before the rest of the crew and the contestants arrived. Time was of the essence because the Magic Kingdom waits for no one, not even Big Break; the park opens at 9 AM sharp and if we were still taping by then there would be major issues.  With that information firmly planted in my psyche, I pushed the prop crew to their limits to get the wall set up, while also directing the camera crew on where to set up and what exactly to shoot.  When it was all said and done, the wall was up by 5:45 AM and when the contestants arrived at 6:30 AM, they were presently surprised.


I am happy to say with all the efforts of Trish and I, the challenge was shot and crew packed up and out of the park by 7:38 AM and hour ahead of schedule, but we still had two more challenges and an elimination challenge to shoot before our day started to slow down.   A quick thanks to Hatch for the delicious rice-krispie Mickey ears as a reward for getting out of the park ahead of schedule.


It was tough to see both Blake and Sean in elimination today, both are such good guys and have loads of talent.  Sean is a great story of someone overcoming and turning a very traumatic event into a positive.  When I first heard his story and then met him and his family, I was hooked.  The world is a crazy place and I am not surprised by anything that happens now.  Sean is one of those contestants I am happy to have met and will never forget.  Since taping the show, Sean has welcomed another member to his family, a baby boy named Jordan, congrats!