Healthy Back for a Healthy Game


Approximately 80 percent of all golfers suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. This is a troubling statistic for an industry trying to sell more equipment and get people to stay with the game in these hard economic times. The good news is that there are knowledgeable instructors and sports medicine specialists out there ready to help.
Enter the ANNIKA Academy, which will be hosting its first-ever Healthy Back Program, March 9-11, at its training facility at Reunion Resort in Orlando. The program will incorporate fitness tips from Annikas personal trainer Kai Fusser, back education from Dr. Christian Haid ' an expert in biomechanics who won the prestigious Volvo Award for his studies on lower back pain, and on-course and swing instruction with former LPGA Tour winner Charlotta Sorenstam.
At least 50 percent of all back injuries can be relieved or cured with exercise and good preventative practices, said Fusser, Annikas trainer for more than eight years.
The spine-friendly program will teach good posture, how to use core muscles to protect your spine, and how to rotate around your axis, thus minimizing the amount of side-bending and weight youre placing on the tendons and ligaments around your spine. Youll also learn how the spine works and how to use your bodys energy more efficiently, producing a more repeatable, powerful golf swing.
Information on the ANNIKA Academy Healthy Back Program can be found at or call 1-888-ANNIKA2.