Yes Putters Offer a Change of Hosels


New Yes! Putters Come with 4 Hosel Options
The adaptability of clubs, particularly some of the new drivers, has been a hot topic this year. Even the putter manufacturers are getting into the mix. One such company is YES! Golf, which recently introduced two putters with an interchangeable screw-in hosel system ' the Tracy III Plus and the Lizzy Plus. Each putter can accommodate up to four different hosel positions, depending on what fits your eye and stroke. With a few turns of a wrench, youll be able to change the look (at address) and the amount of offset and toe-down in the putter.
A putter with a high degree of toe-hang, or droop, is balanced more in the toe of the putterhead. This will appeal to a rounded-arc putter, who needs help returning the putterface back to square at impact. Those golfers who prefer more of a straight-back, straight-through stroke will want a face-balanced putter. (To differentiate the two, stretch out your left index finger and place the lower end of your putters shaft on your finger, with the face pointing toward the sky. Balance the putter on your finger with little assistance from your right hand: if the face angles or drops toward the ground, the putter has toe-hang; if it remains parallel to the ceiling, its face-balanced.)
The C-Groove Tracy putter which Retief Goosen used to win last weeks Transitions Championship is face-balanced.
The plumber neck hosel, which has a high degree of toe-hang, comes standard in the Tracy III Plus (a blade putter) and Lizzy Plus (a mallet). The three other hosel options ' slant neck, z-bend and pronounced toe-hang ' can be purchased separately for $100 each. Each hosel option comes with a shaft (32 to 37 inches in length), grip, hosel and torque wrench. To change the hosel and the amount of toe-hang your putter has, simply loosen the screw on the sole of the putter to remove the current hosel and fasten the new hosel to the head. Youll hear a click sound when the new hosel is in place.
Both putters come with YES! Golfs smooth rolling C-Groove technology with a head weight of 350 grams. They are available in right-hand models only and have a suggested retail of $360.