5 Truths about Peak Performance


5 Truths about Peak Performance
#1 There is no need to control everything
Those who try to force and control everything are not operating in a way that leads to balance and flow. Combining toughness with the ability to feel relaxed, let go and trust is what allows your best performances to happen.
Strategic Suggestion: You can only control 1 personYOU! Where there is a high need for control, it often indicates a player is LOW on confidence and trust. If you were more confidentwould you feel a need to control everything? Probably not. Give yourself the opportunity to let things go as often as possible.
#2 A Peak Performance can occur for anybody!
Its true. You dont require any special skills or talents to experience a peak performance. You can experience peak performances by understanding the Laws and principles by which you produce outcomes Click Here. This understanding triggers you to think, feel and do things at a higher level. Your INNER GAME is the catalyst for this to happen.
Strategic Suggestion: Use your powers of Active Imagination to see yourself performing the way you want. Your body doesnt know the difference between fantasy and reality so see it the way you want it! Keep in mind that you have the same internal tools as anyone else to create more of what you want. Its up to you to learn how that happens and to use them.
#3 Over-Trying is not part of the equation
When you witness a great performance by anyone; an athlete, entertainer, musician or actor, does it appear they are struggling or forcing the performance? I doubt it. Forcing a performance simply does not work. Playing your best requires a commitment to focus, solid preparation, a believable mental game plan and trust.
Strategic Suggestion'Top performances are released not forced. Begin to realize your best is something that rises from within younot something that is forced from outside of you. Create a believable mental game plan and make sure you have very effective routines you can rely on.

#4 Stay in Balance
Even the most talented or skilled musician cannot make an out-of-tune instrument play well. When you are out of balance it will usually negatively affect your performance. Talent will take you only so far. The great performers understand this and realize that their INNER GAME is the most important key. The more balanced you are; mentally, physically and emotionallythe more you allow your true talent to express itself.
Strategic Suggestion'Prepare wisely, practice wisely, and apply the strategies that help you be more in sync. This is just as important for amateur golf as it is for professional golf.
#5 Peak Performers understand the importance of an effective coach.
The best dont reach the top alone. They understand the importance of having people around them who help build and foster success. As the old saying goes; Even Michael Jordan needs a coach. The best have someone behind them supporting, being honest with them and driving their success to new levels. What about youthe amateur golfer? Believe it or nota 30 handicap or a plus 2 handicap can benefit from a great coach as well. The laws and performance principles that apply to the bestapply to you too!
Strategic Suggestion: Are you giving yourself the best chance to be successful? Is what youre doing getting you what you want? 95% of my clients answer this question with a NO. Be honest with yourself and see whats working for you and whats not. Take action to improve your game! Click Here for info on the only online/interactive Mental Game Training Video of its kind!
To Your Best Golf!
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