5 Ways to Silence Negativity


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Youve heard it. Cmon, be honest, youve heard the voice of negativity that seems to show up just in time to sabotage your success. Weve all heard this intruder and weve all been influenced by it but you dont have to give in to it any more.
Donald is a 14 handicap who hears the doubting voice in his head that whispers dont mess this up or you probably cant do this.
Who is this inner critic and who invited him or her to the party anyway? Our inner critic doesnt need an invitation. Its very happy to show up on its own. Its purpose is to literally comment on all the negative things it can find. That wasnt good enough, This wont work, You cant hit that shot and on the critic goes.
The word critic is derived from the ancient Greek word krites meaning a judge.
The critic within you can be the harshest judge of all when the criticism turns into a personal attack. When it gets personal things get more difficult. If youve ever attacked yourself you know exactly what I mean.
Here are 5 insights/steps you can take to quiet or delete the critic inside you:
1. Its only a recording - Your brain has VCR-like capabilities. It records and plays back the same message time and again until you break the pattern.
2. Its only 1 part - The inner critic is not you, its only one part of you. If the sun disappears for 3 days does that mean its not there? Of course not. The critic is NOT all you and the other parts are waiting for your attention.
3. Accept It! - The first rule of the FlowZone program is: what you resist; will persist. This means that whatever you resist will gain power and presence for you. When your inner critic shows up, accept it, there is nothing to fight, simply choose to focus on something else.
4. Choose: Talk Back! - Who says your inner critic is the definitive expert on anything? Its not! Once you accept it; choose differently by TALKING BACK to it. The critic in you only knows one thing; negativity! What about what you ARE capable of? Choose to focus on that and you wont have to battle with your inner critic any more.
5. Its NOT Personal! - Be wary of the words You or I because they are very personal. Im no good, You idiot! and comments like this are personal and when it gets personal; it is harder to change. Change the words you or I to the words It or That. Now it becomes That was a bad shot or decision. It and That remove you from a personal attack.
When your critic shows up....Silence it!
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