6 Ways to Trigger Confidence Like the Pros - Part 2


This week's article is part two of a two part series on confidence. You now have a total of 12 ways to trigger confidence that will create more consistency in your game. Pick one or two of them and develop them each week for real results.
7. Accept The Ups And Downs
Every round of golf is a journey. Each journey contains peaks, valleys, high and low moments. Its a natural part of the flow of things. Sometimes youll get great breaks and sometimes you wont. Accept this reality before you play and you can keep your confidence at a stable level.
8. Confidence Is A Choice
Champions in any arena of life or sports know that confidence is often a matter of choice. Do you let people and situations dictate whether you are confident or not? If so, your confidence levels will go up and down too often. Confidence is a choice. Strengthen your confidence muscle by choosing it more and more.
9. Celebrate Your Successes
How can you maintain confidence if you rarely acknowledge your successes? Many golfers relate too intensely to the negative rather than the positive. When you negate the positive things you do (or dont give them much weight), you lose the opportunity to feel great. Celebrate your successes no matter how large or small.
10. Don't Take Things Personally
Learn to separate your performance from who you are. The truth is; you are NOT your game. A poor performance does not mean youve lost your skills. A poor decision does not mean you are always wrong. Separate what you do from who you are and you will be more confident, resilient and recover from adversity more quickly.
11. Do Take It Personally
Heres one of those paradoxes! There are times when taking a poor performance personally CAN trigger confidenceif you have the right mindset! This occurs when you use a poor performance to trigger yourself to kick it into gear, get going, be inspired and pull yourself out of the rut! In this instance, taking it personally is a confidence building mechanism.
12. Focus On Effort
Top performers remain confident by measuring themselves by their effort and not whether they are always winning or losing. Confidence built on effort can lead to more consistent results. If you focus on effort, the outcomes will take care of themselves.
So, what do you do to trigger your confidence? See if there are any steps from above you can begin applying for yourself. Make a plan to be more confident and put it to use at work, play and in life! Good Luck!
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