6 Ways to Trigger Confidence Like the Pros


Confidence is one of those elusive qualities that comes and goes for a lot of golfers. Even the pros experience doubt and indecision, everyone does! However, top performers have learned that the loss of confidence is not nearly as important as what you do about it. This is what separates a golfer who gets stuck in negativity from a golfer who rebounds quickly and effectively. Here are 6 ways you can trigger and maintain confidence:
1. Place a high premium on enjoyment
Do you really focus on enjoyment when you play? Your enjoyment level is directly linked to your confidence factor. When you enjoy what youre doing you are more open and receptive to new feedback and you can laugh at yourself to break the tension. If you dont enjoy it, why are you doing it?
2. Focus on what you can control
Top performers truly understand there is only one person they can control and that is themselves. They also understand that within any performance they can control process (things you can do) and not outcomes. Focusing on anything else triggers doubt and anxiety and this is not the most effective way to work, play or live in the FlowZone.
3. Center on your Game
You already have a certain level of talent and skill. Trust it and be smart enough to do what you already know you can do. Play your game based on what works for you and not someone else. This triggers a feeling of confidence because it will immediately relax you. In competition, do what youve rehearsed, what you know you can do, and do it the best you can!
4. Love Failing
What does the word failure mean to you? You can use the experience to get you down or love it and learn from it. Confidence is built by seeing each experience as an opportunity to learn exactly what you need to improve. This means to systematically use the important feedback from failures and make the changes necessary to succeed. Forward thinking is confident thinking.
5. Power Memories
Do you remember your positive memories as easily as your negative ones? Most golfers can recall their negative experiences far easier and with greater intensity than the positive memories. Youve got a history of confidence sitting right in your own subconscious mind so why not focus on it and recall them as often as possible?
6. Win the Moment
Narrow your focus to the moment at hand. This mindset keeps you focused in present time so you win the moment with confidence and consistency. Ask: how can I optimize this moment?
Build and sustain confidence by putting some of these steps into practice. Good Luck!
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