7 Ways To Trigger Confidence


In my 20 years as a Performance Success Coach one of the most common requests by clients is, How do I become more confident? Why is confidence so elusive? Why does it seem to come and go leaving people to doubt their own ability to perform? All successful people experience doubt. Everyone does! However, successful people have learned that whats most important is how you adapt and rejuvenate when doubt occurs. This is what separates a good performer from a great performer. You can be a champion in your organization, at home or anywhere else! Here are 7 ways successful people trigger and maintain confidence:
Top performers know how important it is to enjoy what they do. This is directly linked to the confidence factor. This allows them to be more open, receptive to new feedback and laugh at themselves to break the tension. Ive seen many golfers take themselves and their games so seriously that enjoyment is not part of the equation. If you dont enjoy it, why are you doing it?
Top performers truly understand that there is only 1 person they can control and that is themselves. They also understand that within any performance or task they can control certain things yet focus on a variety of things they cannot control. If you focus on things you can control you will feel more confident and relaxed. If you focus on things you cannot control you will trigger doubt and anxiety and your best will not emerge.
You already have talent and skill. Trust it and be smart enough to do what you already know you can do. People under perform when they try to do things out of their current comfort zone. Choose the golf club that is best for you and not what someone else uses. This builds confidence because it will immediately relax you. In competition, do what youve rehearsed, what you know you can do, and do it the best you can! What else can you ask of yourself?
How many ways do you have to feel good on the course or the job? This question stumps a lot of people. Top performers choose words, phrases, songs, memories, thoughts and images that promote positive feelings whenever they want them. They also trigger positive feelings by surrounding themselves with positive people, books, pictures, etc. You will feel good when you allow yourself more avenues to feel good! Do you only feel good when you hit a great shot? If thats your criteria youve narrowed your feel good options.
I often use the words awake and asleep to indicate our level of awareness at any given time. Clients soon discover how asleep they really are. This is not a judgment or criticism, its an observation based on the following definitions: asleep means acting and reacting out of unconscious habitual patterns without awareness of the consequences. The word Awake means, making conscious choices with full awareness of the consequences. Champions understand the value of making a conscious choice. Being asleep means you say, think and do the same things and expect outcomes to be different. This is not possible. Conscious choices indicate that you are taking charge and being the director of your actions and outcomes.
Top performers use the word failure as a means to success. They build confidence by always failing forward. This means they systematically use the important feedback from failures and make the changes necessary to succeed. They follow the important Human Performance Law Ive written about so often. The Law is: The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you get what you want. Excuses and rationalizations will keep you from seeing whats most important.
Top performers are able to bring their attention to a narrow perspective and win the moment. This is the essence of present time focus and most clients find this a difficult thing to do. Knowing that its important is one thing, creating it is quite another and by applying the Laws, present time focus occurs automatically. Its a quality that top performers have learned to demonstrate and it triggers confidence because present time focus IS confidence. They ask: how can I optimize this moment?
See if there are any steps from above you can begin applying. Good Luck!
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