Are You Really Committed


Most golfers understand why its important to be committed to every golf shot but many golfers admit they are not fully committed over every golf shot.
When I ask golfers if they are committed they often respond sometimes. In my experience with golfers weve discovered that they are not committed to a golf shot nearly as much as they thought they were. When I say committed, I mean FULLY committed. This means fully engaging your mind, body and emotions toward your intended outcome without hesitation, doubt or concern for the outcome. How often does this describe you?
Note the synonyms for the word committed. They are; to be devoted, unswerving and faithful. How many times do you experience these over a golf shot?
To be committed to a golf shot literally means to commit your mind, your emotions and your body to the shot at hand. To some golfers, this is risky because it means truly letting go. I can tell you that the rewards certainly outweigh the risks! When you are fully committed you draw together your thoughts, your feelings and your actions toward your intended target.
Once again, if you view your body as a vehicle through which energy constantly moves, the experience of commitment creates a very powerful energy surge that directs your mind, body and emotions toward a very single purposeto hit the golf shot youve intended. This creates a single force that causes you to be very clear, decisive and relaxed over the golf ball.
What happens when you are not fully committed?
Remembering that the mind, body and emotions are all connected to each other and communicate with each other, a lack of commitment literally sends messages to the body that cause you to experience:
  • Doubt

  • Tentativeness

  • Fear
Think back to times when you were unclear or uncommitted over a shot. What did you notice happening in your body? Chances are you experience mental doubt, anxious emotions and tightness in your muscles. The result: a golf swing that is tentative and below your natural talent level.
What does it take to be fully committed over a shot?
Its time to take your commitment up to the next level. Being sort of committed is not effective enough. The good news is that you dont have to wait for positive results in order to be committed to a shot. You dont have to wait to feel confident, see a good string of shots or any other events to take place. You can be committed the moment you decide to be committed. Here are some steps you can begin using to be fully committed:
1. Commitment is a CHOICE
You dont need any special tools or skills or talent to be committed. It begins with a simple choice. If you want to be committed then choose to be fully committed to any shot. Just by making that choice you will engage your mind, body and emotions more effectively
2. Commitment has NOTHING TO DO with external events
You can be committed no matter what it is going on in the environment around you or the results you have on the golf course. Some golfers are more committed when they are playing well and not as committed when they are not playing as well. Why cant you be committed either way? External situations or conditions do not have to affect it your commitment level. Be fully committed to your next shot no matter what has gone on prior to it!
3. Get Committed BEFORE you address the ball
Some players wait until they are over the ball to be committed to the shotthats too late! Try this: when you finish your pre-shot routinestay behind the ball and stand perfectly still, eyes laser beamed on your target, body posture up and strong. While in this position silently repeat I am fully committed to this shot. Say it, see it and feel itTHEN move into address position. This few seconds can completely alter the way you move into address position as well as heighten your mental and emotional state
4. Check-in with yourself
During the round check in using your own commitment meter. Use a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 meaning you are highly committed. By checking in with yourself you raise your commitment levels when needed and keep it on your conscious awareness throughout the round.
Being fully committed to your golf shots is a great feeling and can keep you more focused, more relaxed and more into the game. Enjoy!
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