Are You Really Ready To Play Your Best


Most amateur golfers are pretty busy in their lives away from the golf course. They have families, jobs and responsibilities that consume much of their time and energy. They dont often have a lot of time to devote to preparation although many do spend time at the practice range or reading materials for more tips and suggestions. Professional golfers also have obligations they need to fulfill along with the time, energy and money they put into achieving their dream of making it on the PGA Tour and/or playing consistently enough to stay there.
Many of the amateur clients I work with believe they dont have the time nor may not want to do too much preparation for a round of golf; they just want to play.
Most golfers want to play their best and reach their potential whether an amateur or a professional. In order to do this, I believe its important to realize that preparation can include:
  • Performance Game Plan
  • Mental Game Plan
    Here is where many golfers become stuck. Most clients readily agree they have a Performance Game Plan. This plan includes:
  • Practice and warm-up procedures
  • Strategies to play each hole on the course the best way possible
    Most golfers have some kind of Performance Game Plan whether it is done prior to the round or during the round. However, many report they do NOT have a Mental Game Plan. As a result they are left to deal with things as they come up. Unfortunately, this is too late. A Mental Game Plan can include the skills to:
  • Purposely relax your body while you play and prior to ball striking
  • Choose what to focus on
  • Generate the feelings that trigger you to feel and be your best
  • Overcome adversity
  • Build and maintain a high level of confidence
  • Keep you enjoying the game no matter what
  • Pre-plan the words and images that cause you to feel and play your best
    While 95% report the mental game is important; less than 12% actually develop it. If youve read any of my previous articles you will see I believe the mental game influences you and your performance 100% of the time; not 20, 50, 75 or 90 but 100%. This is because I believe the mental game consists of 4 key components; the mind, body, emotion and spirit of a golfer. These are undeniably connected and you cannot separate them and every time you put your hands on the golf club; they are in play. The proof of this influence is already in your experience.
    Are you prepared to play your best golf? Having a Performance Game Plan is one thing and having a Mental Game Plan can help you reach your potential.
    To Your Best!
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