Are You Trying Too Hard


Many people have been taught to try, try and try harder to get what they want. While its one thing to apply effort to get what you want in life, trying too hard can actually be counter productive. This notion goes against what most people have learned however, we see the proof take place on the golf course time and time again.
Joan, a 12 handicap came to me because she wanted to shoot lower scores. She knew she could score better than her scorecard indicated round after round. When I asked her what shed been doing to improve she said, Ive tried everything. Ive read books, looked at tapes and I have a swing coach I work with a couple of times a month. Thats great! I responded. I admire the effort youre putting into your game, however, what makes you believe you could score better than you are now? Joan immediately replied, Because there are times on the course when I play just great so I know Im capable of it. I just dont seem able to do it as often as I want no matter how hard I try. How hard are you trying? I asked. Really hard, she said. Maybe thats the problem. Maybe youre trying too hard I told her.
Do you try to drive your car? Do you try to watch your favorite movie or television program? Do you try to eat dinner? No. I find that the majority of my clients are trying far harder than they need to. We all know golf is a game of rhythm and flow and yet we interrupt that rhythm and flow by trying too hard! Its important to remember that the mind, body and emotions are connected and constantly impacting each other. Joan was trying so hard that she was getting in her own way. When we try to hit ball we create a ripple of tension that negatively affects the following areas:
  • hands

  • forearms

  • legs

  • shoulders

  • mouth/chin

  • forehead
Thats quite an impact and thats how connected everything is! When we try we interfere with this connection and can throw it out of whack. Joan literally created the exact opposite of what she wanted. Trying too hard to hit the golf ball creates just the opposite of what most people want.
How hard are you trying?
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