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One of the first things we do in the FlowZone process is to ask clients to assess themselves. The entire FlowZone Assessment is comprehensive and covers a wide variety of Performance specific qualities, trends and habits. In addition it covers the important elements that affect your entire performance including questions that address the mind, emotions and physical part of your game.
We focus on what I call Performance Laws and Principles. The reason is these principles influence everyone regardless of your age, your gender, your personality type or experience level. Knowing personality traits is one thing; understanding how the principles affect you is another. I consider them to be root cause principles because you can always go back to them to identify how they are influencing your game and create solutions at any time.
One of the metaphors I often use is the notion of gravity. Most people agree that gravity is a natural law. What goes up must come down. Gravity, being a natural law operates the same in one country as it does another and for one person the same as another. We could not believe in gravity, we could deny it and we could resist it. Either way, gravity itself is not influenced by what we think about it. The law of gravity still operates completely independent of what we think about it doesnt it? The law is very neutral and unbiased. It operates the same for everybody. The Performance laws and principles operate the same way. They influence our performance whether we are aware of them or not.
The first two operating principles we look at are:
1. Clarity is Key
The mind/body/performance principles are in effect at all times. There is a constant communication taking place between them and the more clear you are, the better the communication is. Take the internet for example. If you use Google (or whatever you use) as a search engine and type in the word stuff you get back a lot of information that is very vague and general. If, however, you type in The Golf Channel youll get back results that are more specific with your request. The internet operates on this principle of clarity and so does your mind/body/performance relationship. The more clear you are in your mind, the better the communication and response from your emotions and body. Players who experience run on minds or who overanalyze (a high majority of clients) know from experience how this principle is playing out. There is usually very little clarity going on but there is a lot of mental noise. Remember the Google metaphor: if you put lack of clarity in: you get lack of clarity out.
2. Honesty: the more honest you are the faster you get what you want
This principle addresses the notion that what you resist or refuse to see; has little chance to change. Think about this. Lets say you keep making poor decisions when it comes to club selection and because you do; you add shots to your scorecard. Lets say you deny that this is happening or that its some
other reason thats causing your score to balloon. Your resistance/denial to the truth will continue to be a problem. It is virtually impossible to change something if we are not willing to admit it exists. In what area might you be not willing to admit some truth that is holding your performance back?
Some golfers think their shot selection is fine when it causes them to shoot higher scores than their talent would suggest. Some golfers believe their pre-shot routines are effective when they are really not. Its amazing what can happen when a client becomes willing to be honest about some aspect of themselves or their game because in that moment the pressure comes off because it takes energy to resist and deny. When they decide to be honest about some aspect, that energy gets released!
Just as gravity is a law, so are these two principles. You can see that they are not influenced by personality or age, gender or skill. This is why I call them root cause factors.
Ive taken just a portion of the long version of the assessment. Answer the following statements and take an honest look at where you are RIGHT NOW; not where you wish you were or want to be.
Answer by rating yourself from 1 to 5 with 5 being Very much like me and 1 being Not at all like me.
* I dont practice formal breathing exercises daily
* I tend to focus on what can go wrong (The What Ifs)
* I ignore my gut or intuition
* Setbacks / disappointments disrupt my game
* When close to succeeding; I play it safe
* I worry about making mistakes
* I get down when I make mistakes
* Certain types of people get to me and throw me off my game
* My mind tends to wander
* I overanalyze my golf swing
* I focus on results/score too much
* I tend to be self-critical/judgmental
* My results are in line with time/effort I put into the game
* I feel tension in my golf swing
* My confidence is based on results
* I have a hard time tolerating mistakes/errors/poor shots
* I dont perform as well as I can and Im not sure why
Now, allow someone else to respond to these statements about you! It might be interesting to compare your responses.
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