Be Like Water


Be like water. What does this mean? Well, its yet another of the many paradoxes that influence your game. The game of golf and the game of life are built on paradox and if your ignore them ' they will come up and bite you.
Be like water.
How can being like water help your game?
If you look at water you notice that it never resists its situation. If you block the flow of water moving downstream it finds a way to move around the obstruction. It doesnt get angry with the obstruction or turn on itself in a fit of self-criticism. Have you ever heard water yell, Whats wrong with me? or stomp around saying, Im no good!? No. Water simply moves where it needs to move to get to its destination. Water is natures ideal demonstration of nonresistance, power and flow. I dont know any golfer who wouldnt want more of that in their game, do you?
If you want to fully tap your talent and get the most out of your mind, body and emotions, then applying the characteristics of water will go a long way toward that. Non-resistance, power and flow are incredible assets that can lift you mentally, emotionally and physically to think, feel and do your best. It doesnt matter what your current handicap or skill level is. Your game will be positively affected when you practice the characteristics of water.
Try this; put some water in the palm of your hand and then make a fist. What happens? You will discover that the water begins to spill or leak out of your hand. However, if you simply keep your fingers relaxed, the water rests calmly in the center of your palm. The message here is simple; if you try too hard or push for too much, you lose power and flow and there are no exceptions to this. The paradox is: try too hard and you achieve less. Can you wrap your mind around that?
Actually, you dont have to go too far to see it. All you have to do is think back to a time when you tried hard to hit a golf ball or over thought your way through a golf shot. You already know what the outcome was, right? Chances are you lo st power and flow. In essence, you tightened your grip around the water and it slipped away.
Be like water.
As Lao Tzu states in the words above, practice not-doing. This means to stop trying so hard and in this not-doing the result will be that everything will fall into place. Dont let this paradox fool you. It doesnt mean to do nothingit means to stop OVER doing! In fact, you probably know exactly what this means from personal experience. Did you ever play a round of golf that seemed to get more and more frustrating as the round went on? Youre not playing your best and you end up throwing everything but the kitchen sink at your game! You try every little mind trick you know to get back on track and its just not working. Then, at some point, lets say the 15th hole; you throw your hands up mumble, The heck with it. I give up. Its just not my day today. What happens then? Most people say, I started playing great! Why? Because you did exactly what Lao Tzu is describing when he says, not- doing leads to everything falling into place.
Be like water.
Water is natures perfect demonstration of not-doing while at the same time the perfect reflection of power and flow.
Gotta love the paradox!
To Your Best Golf!
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