Become a Solid Iron Player


The old saying, Drive for show and putt for dough has some truth to it but before you can putt for dough you must hit solid irons! Amateur golf is all about consistency. Many of my amateur golf clients complain they dont hit the ball as far as they would like. I want more confidence and more distance! is probably one of the most common requests by clients. We watch the pros hit long drives and iron shots that are both long and accurate and of course, everyone wants to hit the ball harder and farther. However, if you begin to look at your irons as the clubs of accuracy, it can help your game significantly. What good is long iron shot that lands 30 yards to the left or right of the hole?
Solid iron play really means consistent iron play. Here are some tips to become a solid iron player no matter what your handicap.

1. See Your Irons as The Accurate Club
Begin thinking of your irons as the clubs you use for more accurate shot making. Whether you lay up or are going for the green, make a shift in mental philosophy toward the irons and what they do for your game. Iron play is about pinpoint accuracy play.

2. Feel The Weight
Even though your irons feel lighter in your hands it is important to really feel the weight of the club face. Iron play is improved when you allow the weight of the club face to move freely. When you take a practice swing, feel the weight at the bottom of the club and notice how much easier it flows through the air.

3. Tension Free
Its amazing how much power and accuracy are improved when your body is more relaxed. Make sure you check your tension levels on your fingers, hands, arms and shoulder tension. Its incredible how much even a little tension can negatively affect power and accuracy with your irons.

4. Underplay the Over excitement!
Sometimes its easy to become too excited when staring down the green with an iron in your hand. This is where many players become too anxious or even fearful about the iron they have in their hands. This fear or anxiousness can cause more tension and when this happens, the swing rhythm can be thrown off balance. You may swing too hard or too slow but either way, the result is often not what you really want. Think Smooth and Full to create a smooth and long swing that will end in more power and accuracy.
Remember, your irons are the clubs that set you up for the next phase of the game. Accuracy and consistency are the keys to great iron play.
To Your Best Golf!
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