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Me and a buddy decided to play a round of golf last week. Upon arrival, we discovered that wed be paired with Jeff and Lynn, a married couple who joined us to round out a foursome. After greeting each other we set out to have a great time and play some great golf on a beautiful day.
The day began on a high note as everyone got off the tee in great shape and played a good opening hole at par.
Then it began.
Inconsistency soon surfaced as my friend and Jeff began missing fairways and 3-putting greens. The mumble level (as I call it) also began to rise as I could hear things like, Man, not this __ __ __ __ again! and I was playing so well the other day, whats wrong with me? The mumble level is one of the obvious signs that turbulence is taking place inside and the inner battle has begun!
While the guys were busy mumbling and trying to get back on track, something interesting was happening with Lynn. She just continued playing steady golf without any fanfare. In fact, at one point, Jeff, her husband leaned over toward me on the tee and whispered, It really bugs me sometimes. She plays such boring golf. Boring golf? I asked. Whats boring golf? Oh, you knownever gets in any real trouble because she doesnt hit the ball too far or too hard and she keeps hitting the fairways and greens. Ya knowboring golf.
I had to chuckle at that one. Its funny, when someone says that because what they often mean is; its the kind of golf theyd really like to play but dont.
Ive heard this kind of thing before on the golf course. It usually happens in response to someone who is playing uneventful golf yet is playing fairly steady golf. Its interesting that some golfers almost expect a round of golf to be full of intrigue and that it is supposed to include daring shots, trouble in the trees and greenside difficulties. Remember, our expectations will tend to bear fruit in reality so be careful what you expect. These challenging situations are certainly not boring but they also are not the best ways to shoot your lowest score either.
Maybe playing boring golf wouldnt be a bad idea for some of us.
Here are some things to consider on your way to becoming a BORING GOLFER:
1. Slow down the swing
Hitting the ball far and offline is not a great way to score well. Hitting the ball a bit shorter yet in the fairway could reduce the number on your score card. The question is; would you rather be long and gone or shorter and in play?
2. Make the right play
Exciting golf sometimes means going for the highest risk shot. Thats okay if you know how to pull it off but many people go for it anyway and then pay the price for it. Boring golf might also mean hitting the right shot in the right circumstance. It may be boring, but not to your scorecard!
3. Enjoy the idea of consistency
I never met a golfer who didnt enjoy playing consistently well. Enjoy the feeling of hitting more fairways, although sacrificing some distance. Enjoy making the right decision even if it means having to back off from the big risk. Maybe youll enjoy your entire round even more when your ball is in play more often.
To your best (boring) golf!
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