Everybody has one. Everybodys is different and it can change from situation to situation! What is it? Its called a comfort zone.
Whenever you try to learn a new skill, improve a swing mechanic, attempt to set new goals or attempt to improve your game, you will, at some point, come face to face with your comfort zone. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.
Performance Comfort Zones
A comfort zone is something that sets up a boundary and it acts like a magnet. For example, around the 14th hole you might notice you are shooting your all-time best score. As soon as you become aware of this, what happens? For many, their game begins to drift back due to poor decisions, missed putts or a lack of focus and confidence. The result? Their final score ends up around their usual scoreor worse! Comfort zones are the cause.
Comfort zones can limit your progress if you let them. Almost every golfer I speak to wants to lower their scores. However, they are frustrated because their results dont match the time, effort and money theyve invested (90% of my clients feel this way). Why? The majority are doing things and thinking things that arent really working for them yet they continue doing them anyway. They dont realize that their beliefs and attitudes are comfort zones that cause them to continue to repeat the same limiting actions again and again.
The golfers who break beyond their own limiting comfort zones are the ones who enjoy themselves more, play with more confidence and experience the freedom that comes with knowing theyve expanded their possibilities. The irony is, this has very little to do with talent and the method toward success is everything. We already know that quick-fix tips dont do it. The metaphor I tell my clients is this: even the most gifted musician cannot make an out-of-tune instrument play great music. Many people are trying to play great music on an instrument (themselves) that is out of tune! It simply doesnt work very well, does it?

Here are 3 steps to face and break beyond comfort zones:
1.Be honest with yourself. This is the simplest and yet can be the most challenging step to take. The truth is; if you wont be honest that a limiting comfort zone exists, it is very difficult to break beyond it. Be brutally honest. What stops you? Is it a mindset, a belief, an attitude of some kind that prevents you from fulfilling your talents? (it probably is!)
2.Stop assuming youre right! People use the past as their proof that their limiting beliefs/attitudes are true. They are not. Dont assume that it has anything to do with the reality of how good you could really be. Dont confuse the fact that you can find proof in the past with what the possibilities are in the future. Even as you read this, notice what limiting belief pops up. Thats your comfort zone keeping you stuck!
3.Start Now!'All comfort zones can be expanded. Pick ONE area and create a steady action that allows you to bust through it. Do you want to improve your game? What can you do on a steady basis to make that happen? Stop doing whats not working for you! Find the right pro. Learn how to get out of your own way. What are your limiting beliefs that cause you to stay stuck in the same place? If youre frustrated with your level of improvement then be honest with yourself and identify what the reason is. Are you doing the same thing time after time and expecting your results to change? You can turn this into real change if you want to!
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