Bypass the Mind for Present Time Golf


Focus in present time. Be in the now. This moment is the only one that matters.
Do any of these statements sound familiar? Almost all of you have either heard or read them before because the concept of present time is always one of the most important keys to performing your best no matter what youre doing.
Being in the present moment is one of the most difficult things to do for a lot of us. Why? Because the mind loves to go off on what I call mental trips that take us on a journey from the past to the future. The mind swings back and forth like a pendulum taking us on a wild ride that prevents us from focusing on the present moment and the shot sitting right in front of us. Even as you read these words ask yourself where your attention is. Are you focused on this word and now on this word? How many different places has your mind traveled while youre reading this paragraph?
The 3 Things Always in Present Time
Many golfers I work with struggle to not only get into present time but also to stay there! Our minds simply do not want to stay there and it usually takes a lot of practice to keep the mind focused in present time. However, there may be a better way than constantly fighting with your own mind to stay put, like a disobedient dog. I teach my clients to bypass the mind because there are only three things that are always in present time. Clearly, the mind is not one of them. If you think the mind is in present time, check in with yourself again and notice where your mind has gone while reading this paragraph. What trip did it take you on this timesomewhere in the past or in the future or both?
One of the best ways to bring your attention back to this very moment is to focus on one of the 3 following avenues:
1.The Body
Your body cannot exist anywhere but in this moment. Go ahead; right now try to make it be in the past or the future. You cant. When you focus on some aspect of your body it will immediately bring your attention back to present time because your body is already in present time. Locate a specific spot like your belly button, the center of your forehead or your feet as they rest on the floor or step down the fairway.
2.The Breath
Just like the body, the breath can only exist in this moment. Try to breathe 10 minutes ago. Try to breath one hour from now. You simply cannot do that. The breath is always taking place right here and right now. When you focus on your breath you are immediately brought back to this moment in time. It doesnt matter whether you breathe well or poorly; if you focus on it you are in the present moment.
3.The Emotions
How do you feel right now? Can you name it? Are you confident, sad, frustrated, joyful, hurt, angry, disappointed, eager, interested, happy or optimistic? If you answered my question you just successfully brought yourself back to the present moment with little effort. Your emotions always exist in present time because you cannot feel something yesterday or tomorrow. You can only feel how you feel right now. The moment you check in with your feelings you will be immediately focused in the moment at hand.
If you want to be in present time more often, bypass your mind and focus on the body, the breath or the emotion. If you do this you just might find that your mind tags along for the ride!

To Your Best Golf!
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